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  • Post a job in minutes
    Creating a job ad is fast and easy.
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    Your job is posted on Monster's website, our mobile app, and our BeKnown professional networking app on Facebook.
  • Take advantage of flexible posting options
    Choose 30- or 60-day postings. Purchase a job posting first and then publish instantly, or buy in bulk and save.
Use Monster's FREE hiring tools to:
  • Manage Job Postings
    Edit, renew and post jobs—all in one place.
  • Manage Candidates
    - Save and view resumes.
    - Use screening questionnaires to eliminate unqualified   candidates.
    - Create and send letters to job seekers.
  • NEW! Post Jobs to Social Media
    Extend your reach to Facebook with a BeKnown ™ company profile. Claim your free profile and your Monster jobs will automatically appear with a one-time configuration! Additionally you can set up your Monster account to directly publish new jobs to your company's Facebook Wall or Twitter page. When job seekers click on your posts or tweets, they will be directed to your Monster Job Postings to learn more and apply.
  • NEW! Reach job seekers with Mobile Recruiting
    Get the attention of job seekers on the go. Create QR codes for your job postings and drive offline candidates to your jobs on Monster. Job seekers scan your QR code with a smartphone and connect to your Monster Job Postings. Use your QR codes in print ads, on storefront displays, at trade shows, and more.
For more details on Monster Job Postings, review our brochure or call 1-800-MONSTER.
Posting a job is easy.
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    Purchase your job posting first.
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    Post your job by entering a job title, location and description. Need help with your description? Use one of Monster’s sample job descriptions that can be customized to your specific job.
  • Preview
    See what you job posting will look like when candidates click on your ad.
  • Enhance
    Make your job posting stand out with Job Bolding, Video Profile and Enhanced Job Branding.
  • Expand
    Reach job seeekers across the web with Career Ad NetworkTM.
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After you've posted your job, find out how many job seekers viewed and applied for the job from your Monster home page.

Additional Resources
  • Review our Monster Quick Guides.
  • For more details on Monster Job Postings, call us at 1-800-MONSTER.

Monster is committed to helping our business thrive. Their proactive assistance, dedication and attention consistently surpass that of their competitors.

Monster has proven its commitment by working closely with us to design a more effective job posting – the result: a successful hiring campaign that garnered greater response and attracted a better pool of qualified applicants.

It is without hesitation that we recommend Monster to any company looking to hire.

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