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Artificial intelligence in HR: the key to efficient recruiting

Artificial intelligence in HR: the key to efficient recruiting

There’s no doubt about it—adoption of artificial intelligence in HR is growing, and innovative ways to use AI continues to shape and improve talent acquisition.

Companies need to take stock of their workforce aspirations and the role that AI in talent acquisition can play if they want to take the lead in the competitive recruitment race. Hiring top-tier talent from a sea of applicants is critical to business success yet it is no easy task—narrowing the talent pool is tedious, time consuming and costly.

Enter AI: Talent-acquisition technology continues to disrupt recruitment and provide enormous traction for recruiters looking to accelerate the process. These advanced tools strategically enhance recruiting efforts by streamlining repetitive, tedious tasks—recruiters can immediately connect through text, evaluate applications faster, remove human bias, and deliver the best candidate matches to optimize company team dynamics.

Screen applicants for culture fit

Engaging and capturing the next star hire requires going beyond traditional outreach and old-school assessments. Artificial intelligence in HR is popping up throughout the recruitment and hiring process, from advertising and targeting who sees the job posting to screening, ranking and even predicting candidate’s job performance.

AI leverages data points to sift through resumes and job applications so recruiters can quickly identify the job fit and culture fit of strong, high-potential candidates. Their CV, history and social profile can be searched to verify experience, listed skills and past employment.

Automating candidate sourcing means a more extensive reach including online job boards, social media platforms and agency listings, and even sourcing passive candidates. With a brimming pool of qualified applicants, open roles are filled more quickly and new hires are prepared to contribute from the get go.

Reduce bias in hiring

Research shows that humans are notoriously biased which can make us bad at picking the right candidate. Algorithms can outperform recruiting experts any day of the week. Taking into account that companies with diverse workforces are better all-round performers, reducing conscious and unconscious bias in hiring should be front and centre in any recruitment strategy.

Everything from referrals to job ads can greatly diminish the candidate pool diversity. AI tools can help craft more inclusive job descriptions, and even remove names and photos from various job pool sites to reduce unconscious bias when screening and rating resumes, and score you the most qualified talent.

Recruit via Text

Speed is everything and connecting with the best and brightest minds requires a fast-track application process that’s mobile first. Recruiters are using tools like Monster’s TextRecruit to communicate with candidates at scale and at speed throughout the recruiting life cycle. Smartphone-friendly messaging platforms initiate immersive, personalized experiences so candidates are attracted to job opportunities, apply and conversations don’t drop-off.

Texting is the go-to medium. Few of us are tethered to our computers 24/7 but the same can’t be said about mobile devices. That makes texting the perfect SMS recruiting tool—texting has notoriously high response rates. Research shows that 90 percent of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it. In addition, SMS messaging has a 37 percent response rate versus 2 percent via email.

Engage with candidates quickly via TextRecruit

Keeping in mind that many in the workforce prefer to receive targeted job opportunities via text and are comfortable applying for a new job through their mobile device, enabling the best in the text automation space provides countless efficiencies for recruiters as well as candidates, simplifying and streamlining the whole process.

These AI-powered platforms enable mass texting campaigns using texting, live chatting and AI-powered chatbots, bringing candidates and recruiters together for conversations that build quality talent relationships and positive outcomes. The Text2Apply Keyword lets candidates to text in their interest in a position and allows employers to promote their recruitment brand.

Automated resume screening, filtering, geolocation, and interview scheduling provide for effortless recruitment, and there’s the added bonus of integrating candidate profiles with the company’s applicant tracking system.

Today it’s all about tailoring the talent experience in real time, making sure that relevant jobs and dynamic content surface for star candidates as they move across multiple channels and they stop at you. Communication has to flow and the ease of this informal communication platform lets you be short, sweet and simple while optimizing hiring and filling your talent pipeline.

Connect with talent on social

Text messaging isn’t the only way to tap into great hires. Talent acquisition is very social and a wide range of platforms connect employers immediately with talent that is highly engaged on various social media. From Facebook Live and LinkedIn InMail to Instagram, YouTube and Slack, these engagement places are hosting dialogues with high performers who can make a difference to your company.

Keep in mind that while social media plays an instrumental role in acquiring talent and brand showcasing, it’s also a place to do due diligence. Public social media accounts are ripe with warning signs, and it’s standard practice to employ AI to determine fit for your team and culture.

Schedule and review video interviews using AI

AI in talent acquisition can also help with schedule interviews, and conduct and screen video interviews, offering talent seekers a front-row seat to candidate work performance.

AI-powered personal assistants are experts at assessing candidate impact, communication skills and authenticity, which leads to better hiring decisions. Video screening tools can even analyze verbal and non-verbal cues during live video to predict an applicant’s future job performance, as well as give talent seekers the ability to quickly spot exaggerations and lies, and help them decide who’s best for the job.

Feed your talent pipeline

Long-term recruitment success can benefit by building and managing your talent pool collected thanks to artificial intelligence in HR. Perhaps a vacancy had a rush of suitable candidates but you could only onboard one. Pooling the other candidates into a database all in one place makes for a goldmine of promising profiles that AI can easily sift through and even rank at a later date when a new role comes up.

Besides former applicants, former employees represent an oft-overlooked talent pool that can be easily surfaced by AI-powered tools, and identified with the qualifications needed for a current job offering.

Improve the candidate experience

 Getting hundreds of applications for a job posting can bog you down and end up dampening the candidate experience. By using artificial intelligence in HR, including tools and engagement platforms such as Monster’s TextRecruit, you spend less time trying to fill open roles and more time developing internal talent. Check out the Monster Resource Centre and get help hiring better talent faster.