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4 Ways to increase visibility to your video job ads

4 Ways to increase visibility to your video job ads

Video job ads are a powerful, engaging way to connect with candidates in a more personal way. They give candidates an inside look at your organization and culture and let them know precisely why, in your own words, your role could be the right fit for them. 

Recruiters can speak directly to their audience, relaying information that otherwise might not jump off the page. When candidates hear from actual recruiters and hiring managers upfront, it gives them a real picture of the job and organization, something a text-only job description can’t do.

Getting candidates to watch the video takes more than posting it on your career site. It takes actively marketing to the right audience, where they live online. There’s no point investing time and money creating compelling video job ads if no one sees them. 

Here are some tips and best practices to help you get the most out of your investment.


Post your video job ads where candidates are looking

Unless you’re a major brand with high visibility, merely posting it to your career page would not maximize your audience. 

Add recruitment videos to your social media strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, are prime territories to share your content. Social networks provide options to target specific audiences and improve SEO when you upload the videos directly.

Social networks will also gladly allow you to target ads to defined audiences. Doing this helps drive video views to the right candidates.

You control the budget; Set the goals, daily spend levels and the total costs. Also, take advantage of the built-in analytics to test performance and fine-tune your audience.


Optimize for SEO

One best practice is to give your mini-movie a keyword phrased title. The title should be a maximum of 60 characters in total.

Use a meta description that grabs viewers and is keyword rich. Start by saying what the video is about (e.g. a day in the life of one of our customer service representatives). Add some modifiers. Add a link or an invite to apply online that leads to your career pages, or a job board that will track metrics for you.

Search engines love text to crawl, so add relevant captions and upload a transcript where possible.


Promote from within 

Your staff should always be your best promoters. Make it easy for them to share your videos. Social distribution tools like Bambu makes sharing your content on social media easier. You load the video with pre-approved channels, copy, and can track results. The more they share, the better your exposure, and the more likely you are to find the right candidates.

If you have a company a newsletter, include a link to your video job ad and consider writing “video” or “watch this” in your subject line to prompt more views.  

You can also pin the video (or its link) to your company’s Twitter feed. It will help boost views. If there’s more than one recruitment video to highlight, rotate the pins daily. 


Pay for performance 

Increase your video job ad’s performance faster by sponsoring your video ads. Advertising on YouTube is a natural fit. They allow you to promote to a targeted audience on one of the world’s largest video platforms. 

Consider promoting your video on a dedicated job search platform like Monster, where you can find people actively looking for work. Also, Monster includes Monster Studios at no added cost with every job ad. This mobile app lets you easily record, edit, and publish videos directly from your phone. Monster has the tools to help get you the qualified candidates you need, fast.