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Are You A Good Boss?

Are You A Good Boss?

By Kelly Services

You’re a good boss, right?

If you can’t honestly answer that question with a firm yes, don’t panic; it’s natural to wonder whether you’re doing the best job you can, so look for these signs that your management style could use a tune-up.

Your turnover rate is high.

If your department has a higher turnover rate than others in your organization, you may be sending good employees elsewhere.

You’re always the last to know.

Workers don’t like to tell bad bosses about any problems. They try to work it out among themselves, letting the boss think all is well until problems spiral out of control.

Your employees fight a lot.

Conflict at work may signal an unhealthy atmosphere—caused by poor communication or bad management.

Nobody disagrees with you.

Rather than risk your anger, employees may simply tell you what you want to hear, but you won’t know what’s really going on if you’re surrounded by “yes” people.

Originally published on Smartmanager.com powered by Kelly Services.