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Make Great Recruiting Videos With Monster Studios

A free mobile app designed to boost your brand

Make Great Recruiting Videos With Monster Studios

Get the power to record, edit, and publish videos to Monster Job Ads in minutes.

Jobseekers are voracious for videos. But recruiters and employers struggle with ‘em. Monster Studios, the free mobile app for recruitment videos, comes to the rescue.

In a few taps, you can wow talent with authentic content. Drum up extra interest and more relevant candidate matches. Video’s on mobile devices are eye magnets for prospects.

Create your first one in minutes. Get amped with graphics, banners and sub-titles. Then upload the masterpiece in a couple of clicks.

The App In A Nutshell
Monster Studios is a free iPhone app to record and edit video like a pro. Show your company from the inside out. Add a new dimension to how candidates interact with you. Getting them to engage like this makes it more likely that good people will apply

Do brief, engaging interviews with handpicked employees. Brag about new products. Shout out why people should work for you. Capture attention with fresh graphics and other visual goodies. Even uploading’s a cinch to your Monster ads or social media. 

Easy To Follow Instructions
The built-in Quick Start Guide gets you started in a flash. Training videos walk you through recording, editing and publishing dynamic content. Infographics show and tell the basics. 

There’s also a detailed Quick Reference Guide that covers all the key topics step-by-step for producing high-quality output. Simplicity lets you create better content faster.

Vivacious Video Recording
Record video job ads using our silhouette to help position the subject correctly on camera. Automatic settings take care of the lighting and volume.  

Not sure what to say? There are sample scripts for inspiration and guidance. The app also includes a teleprompter feature, so no one forgets their lines. Or use bullet points for a more impromptu effect. Your people come across as relatable and natural, not nervous. Watch jobs ads pop to life! 

Easy Editing
Stay in the app to make your video more striking. The editor tool can trim footage for smooth starts and finishes. Add eye appeal with captions, images, and video overlays. 

Put intro or outro branded slides or animations for that expert touch. It shows candidates that you’re legit.

Central Storage
The app’s Video Library holds all the content created by your company. No wasting time while shifting between applications. 

Press on My Videos to see only the ones you’ve made. In the Projects area is every asset you’ve used to gussy up the videos (e.g. images, b-roll video clips, caption overlays). Press on Scripts for any text you’ve used to be read from the teleprompter.

Seamless Integration
Your video works in tandem with Monster.ca and the Monster Job Search app. Uploading the finished version’s a breeze. Plus promote your job ad on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Visit Monster.ca or reach out to your Monster account team to learn more.

Begin Today
Give candidates a unique view into your job opportunities and company. Build a bond with them visually that text alone can’t match.

Load our free app now from ‎Monster Studios, on the App Store at itunes.apple.com.