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Monster pioneered the business of digital recruiting in 1994 and today we
are the only online recruitment provider able to service customers on a
truly global basis. We have expanded from our roots as a "job board"
to a global provider of a full array of online recruitment and career management products and services.


To inspire people to improve their lives.


Monster pioneered the notion of helping people get more out of work by showing them that a better job was out there. And helping them find it at Monster. But the workplace has evolved – people expect more control; people seek more perspective; people crave more enrichment. And so we've evolved. We've broadened our lens to be more than just a marketplace for jobs. At Monster, we don't just sell better jobs, we help promote better lives. Because, in the end, a better job is much more than just that. A better job is a better experience; an experience that leads to better possibilities, better opportunities, better relationships, better perspectives—all working together to improve life along the way.

So, simply put, our mission is to inspire people to improve their lives. We will know we've succeeded when our customers have succeeded at living more rewarding, fulfilled and improved lives.

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