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Monster Talent Management

Command all stages of the hiring life cycle.

What if you had a solution that gives you the ability to efficiently see return on one of your largest investments, your people?

Monster Talent Management is a suite of pre-hire and post-hire talent management tools and services with the following key benefits:

  • Fully integrated, unified solution
  • Process automation
  • Real-time data updates
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Mobile-friendly interface

When combined with Monster’s proprietary semantic search and analytics platform, only Monster can provide a unified talent management software solution for attracting, growing, and retaining the very best talent.

Applicant Tracking

Manage and attract top talent from a variety of sources, help accelerate time to hire and more.

Performance and Learning Management

Appraise performance and track results, while also uncovering employees with strong potential to achieve more. Organize and share learning – and retain emerging leaders for the long haul.

Career Development and Succession Planning

Scope out and reward the best-trained, most highly motivated individuals in your company for new opportunities.

“We want to make things more inviting for the job seekers while using a more self-service approach. The new system has proved to be intuitive for our users and has behaved just as we envisioned it would. Our HR staff has been very happy with the methodology and screening process and our hiring managers enjoy the improved accessibility that’s designed into the system.”
- David McCoy, Recruitment & Career Services Manager, British Columbia Assessment Authority