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Forging strong employer brands

Your challenge, our solutions.

You have everything in place to recruit, but are you still finding it difficult to achieve your recruiting goals? Converting job seekers starts with a strong career website that facilitates the candidate’s decision process to want to work for your company, and ultimately, apply to your positions.

The Foundry by Monster lives and breathes digital recruiting, and is completely dedicated to employer branding. We are a big-idea, good-enough-is-not-enough, nuts-and-bolts team of digital strategists and solution experts from We help recruiters and HR professionals across Canada forge their employer brand, tell their compelling story, and fortify their recruitment marketing strategies by building career websites that have only one goal: hires. The Foundry team understands its clients’ challenges in the journey to finding great talent. With a strong global presence and fathoms-deep experience, we’ll architect branding solutions that are on-target, so you can engage in meaningful conversations with candidates, both online and offline.

With hundreds of tailored solutions delivered, we can help identify what will work for you.

Our expertise

You know you need to start somewhere, but where? And how? The Foundry by Monster can provide you with a true picture of your current online state through our Digital Analysis Services, where we analyze the strength of your online brand, providing you with insight as to how job seekers may perceive you. This in-depth audit will help to establish next steps to make your brand one that the job seekers will remember and one with which they want to engage.

Ready to explore how you can improve your employer brand? If so, The Foundry by Monster provide services aligned to seven pillars.

  • Consulting

    Digital Analysis Services
  • Employer Branding

    Create, shape and deploy your employer brand
  • Digital Destinations

    Build one-of-a-kind career websites and special destinations for your various events and projects
  • Media

    Online and offline media campaigns for increased visibility
  • Mobile

    Responsive sites, mobile apply and more
  • Social Media

    Strategy, pages, feeds, creative and analytics
  • SEO

    SEO audit and optimization
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