Monster Cloud Analytics

Insightful analytics software at your command.

Understand the labour market with data from your own talent database, to help you plan recruitment strategy and make better decisions.

Monster Cloud Analytics analyzes the labour market with data from your own talent databases including current employees and candidates. So you can plan sharp recruitment strategies and make more informed hiring decisions. You’ll also gain valuable insights into your current talent pools and industry data—providing instant analysis on challenges ranging from competitor moves, to planning new store locations, to targeted post-secondary school hiring.

  • On Business Development

    What’s the strongest location to recruit specialized talent for the next project?

    You can view the strengths and weaknesses in selected locations or search particular skill sets within your databases. You could also determine where to build the next location or staff the next project. By knowing where the talent lies within your pipeline, you can focus your recruiting and marketing efforts faster and more economically.

  • On Recruitment Campaign Success

    How have marketing campaigns performed?

    By gaining insights into your talent databases, you’ll empower your team to put recruiting dollars towards the locations and skills that need the most attention—so you can build talent faster and hire more efficiently.

  • On Career Pathing

    Rather than hire externally, is there a strong internal candidate that could fill the position?

    Monster’s Cloud Analytics gives you a snapshot of where you stand with the skillsets of all your talent pools, including both internal employees or external candidates. This data helps you allocate resources and form learning objectives to create strong career pathing and succession planning within your organization—helping you grow talent, increase retention, and plan for future growth.