Why Monster?

We’ve designed an integrated approach that focuses our more innovative technology and expertise into powerful, easy to use solutions. Why? To help you find not only the best quality candidates, but more of them. To streamline the process so you can save time and money. And to help you make smarter decisions to improve your ROI. Basically, we want to give you the ability to hire like no one else can.


Gain the ability to reach better talent in better ways.

Get instant access to all the right people for your job. With Monster’s network of properties, you can draw from our vast array of partners and social networks alike.

Reach the very best, wherever they may be

The Monster network provides precise targeting and broad reach. From our partner sites, to places like Facebook and Twitter, Monster connects you to the people you’re looking for, exactly where they are online.
Maximize Exposure

Access to the world’s most dynamic jobs network allows you to get in front of the perfect audience.

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Smart Targeting

Connect with the right people, through the smartest channels, in a way that resonates with them.

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Social Recruiting

You’ll surpass the limitations of the average Tweet with Monster’s efficient, content rich Twitter placements. And that’s just the beginning of what our social products can do.

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Make smarter connections with efficient searches.

Get closer to the candidates that interest you the most with smarter ways to search and more efficient ways to communicate.

A Smarter Search

We made it simple to make a direct connection with the right candidates. Our search and communications platform lets you tap into a world of quality talent and reach them with ease.
Precise Matching

Access to all the best talent is at your fingertips. With our smart technology, you can target and even pinpoint the exact candidates you’re searching for.

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Direct Connections

Once you come across someone who is well suited for the job, we’ve made it simple to reach out and make a direct connection.

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Get solutions that arm you with valuable information.

Gain key insights and make better informed decisions with our powerful set of software, services and analytics.

A strong collaboration with even more powerful solutions

When you combine our deep expertise with a powerful set of software and rich analytics tools, you’ll have everything you need to make smarter decisions and improve your ROI. And it all starts with forging a strong partnership with you.
Superior Software

You’ll have access to our most comprehensive recruitment software yet. And it’s specifically designed to help you discover and manage talent more efficiently than ever.

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Insightful Analytics

Understand the labour market with data from your own talent database, to help you plan recruitment strategy and make better decisions.

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Strength of Services

Every solution is right-sized for you. And since our products are backed by decades of experience and industry-leading technology, you’ll have the ability to hit the ground running.

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