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4 keys to unbiased recruiting

How to use video interviews to screen candidates

Ways to optimize your conference calls

Top 10 Phone Interview Questions

Evaluating and asking the right phone interview questions is a great way for your company to save time and money on the front end of the hiring process. They are an ideal way to screen candidates before you decide to invite them to an-person interview. The key to interviewing candidates over the phone is to […]

Hiring Freelancers for Your Business: 5 Steps

There is a lot of talk about the gig economy and how technology has caused these jobs (e.g., rideshare drivers, grocery shoppers) to surge, but hiring freelancers to do short-term work isn’t new. Business owners use freelancers to tackle anything from building a website to shooting product photography. The process of hiring someone to drive […]

Hiring for Diversity and Innovation

The evidence is clear. Increasing diversity on your payroll is an effective way to drive innovation, increase profits, improve employee satisfaction, and attract and keep top talent. Companies that emphasise and deliver on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) introduce more new products and services to the marketplace and have higher rates of employee satisfaction than […]

How to Build a Talent Pipeline in 5 Steps

If your recruiting efforts are solely focused on finding the right fit for each new job opening as it becomes available, then it’s almost guaranteed that you’re letting top talent slip through your grasp. You need to develop a talent pipeline. Waiting until an employee leaves before beginning your recruitment efforts—reactive hiring—is expensive, time-consuming, and […]

How to Manage Employees Working From Home With Kids

Remote work is here to stay. Thanks to the double bonus of increased productivity—remote workers are 40 percent more productive than their in-office peers—and decreased expenses, 74 percent of CFOs plan to shift at least some portion of their company’s onsite work functions off site going forward. Operations managers are not the only ones interested […]

5 Steps for Creating a Returnship Program

Talented people leave the workforce each year for a variety of reasons. They may leave to raise children, take care of a sick or elderly family member, recover from an illness, take a long break, or retire. As their personal lives change, some people may want to return to work. Some business owners are reluctant […]

How to Prevent Employee Burnout

Long hours, 24/7 contact between managers and team members, vacation days that accumulate but never get used: These are all signs of poor management practices that are likely to lead to employee burnout. Not so long ago many managers saw chronic overwork as a recipe for success. But today’s employers recognize that relentless workloads decrease […]

How to Manage a Hybrid Workforce

When you manage a hybrid workforce, you need to navigate the challenges and rewards of having employees who work both remotely and in the office. Depending on your policy, your employees may work from the office or telecommute every day, during a set number of days per week, or choose if and when they want […]

Workplace Automation vs. Hiring: Factors to Consider

When people think of workplace automation, they most likely picture robots serving burgers at a fast-food chain or completing tasks on an assembly line. However, automation also takes the form of many day-to-day tasks like withdrawing money from an ATM or yelling “speak to a representative!” when making a customer service call. Automation has been […]

How to Rehire Boomerang Employees

Boomerang employees are people who work for a company, quit, and then get rehired. There is less of a gamble when you rehire someone since you both know what to expect. The main benefits of rehiring a former employee are knowing the quality of their work and what it is like to work with them, […]