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Traditional Monster users can:

  • Post duration jobs (30 or 60 days) with the option to integrate your ATS.
  • Use SearchMonster to find candidates.

Monster+ users can:

  • Choose a specific promotion budget for every job – and adjust anytime.
  • Search our candidate database using Monster Credits.

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Check out our new, intuitive platform and learn about posting and promoting jobs, managing candidates, and more.
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Ready to post a job? Check out Monster+. We'll show you how it works and how you can create your Monster+ account.
We’ll show you how to source the skills you need and find top talent fast with SearchMonster. View helpful articles, videos and an interactive training course.

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Create an Account on Monster+

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SearchMonster Recorded Webinar

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Take a Tour of the Help Center

Looking for product training and help? See what the Help Center can do for you.


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Learn the Basics of Boolean

Get all the details on building the best Boolean keyword search string.

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