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Why Job Ghosting Candidates is Bad for Business—and How to Avoid It

First applied to digital-era dating etiquette, “ghosting” occurs when one party in a two-way communication process fails to reply to the other without warning or explanation, leaving the rejected, or “ghosted”, party to wonder what happened. These days the job market is starting to sound like the plot to a horror movie, with applicants and […]

How to Make Mass Hiring More Efficient

Seasonal sales spikes, a significant new product order or services client, or perhaps expansion into a new market: These are all reasons why business owners may need to hire large numbers of employees at once, often referred to as “mass hiring.” While the increase in revenue bodes well for your company’s bottom line, it can […]

When Will The Labour Shortage End?

Bars and restaurants are unable to open to full capacity despite restrictions being lifted. Manufacturers are struggling to find specialized and entry-level workers to keep up with high production demand. Overwhelmed builders are turning away projects in a booming housing market. Trucking companies are unable to keep supply chains moving, while ride-hailing services are leaving […]

A Guide To Gender Pronouns In The Workplace

Many companies seek to emphasize diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace, and gender pronouns are an important part of the puzzle. In fact, recent Pew Research revealed that about one in five adults know someone who goes by a gender-neutral pronoun. According to the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion, gender pronouns are “words that […]

Will The Hybrid Workplace Last?

Vaccine distribution is widespread and restrictions are easing across the country, which can only mean that the “great return” to the office is upon us-sort of. While some workplaces are staying remote and others are already back in the office full-time, there’s another approach that employers and employees alike seem to prefer: the hybrid workplace. […]

Corner Office Q&A: Monster's Bob Melk

Bob Melk has been Monster’s chief commercial officer for four years, joining the executive leadership team after serving as president at tech jobs site Dice, and a long career in media, sales and business leadership. Here, he talks about his path to Monster, bringing diversity and inclusivity to the workplace and why it’s important to […]

How to Support Your Asian Employees

There’s no doubt that workplaces are becoming more inclusive, and employers are doubling down on their commitment to DE&I Initiatives to be welcoming to all candidates. With recent hate crimes against Asians dominating headlines in the U.S. and more anti-Asian racism occurring in Canada after COVID-19, you might be wondering, how can I support my […]

Make the Mental Health of Employees Central to Your Recruitment Strategy

Work stress is no joke, and it’s on the minds of today’s job seekers. In fact, 1 in 3 candidates stated in Monster’s State of the Candidate survey that their jobs were having a negative impact on their mental health and wellness. Understanding these stressors and supporting the mental health of employees will go a […]

An optimistic path forward: 2021 hiring trends to watch

By: Scott Gutz, Monster CEO It’s not hyperbole to say that 2020 has redefined the very nature of how we work and what the ideal employer (and candidate) looks like. And this is not just my opinion. The findings of Monster’s just released Future of Work 2021 Global Hiring Outlook, which focuses on global trends among […]

Remote vs. in-person: what's right for your company?

With vaccines rolling out and a hopeful end to the pandemic in-sight, organisations are in the throes of figuring out next steps, and weighing the pros and cons of remote vs. in-person work. On the one hand, the past year has shown that many employees can work just as productively at home as they can […]