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How companies should respond to the novel COVID-19

How To Deal With Employee Moonlighting

4 Keys To Unbiased Recruiting

Creating A Bring Your Own Device Policy

The Art of Efficient Meetings

4 Keys To Unbiased Recruiting

Banish biases and make your hiring efforts inclusive. By: Mark Swartz Have you done a quick inclusion audit lately? On the recruiting side, your sourcing and hiring should be close as possible to bias-free.   That may not require resorting to blind recruitment – removing personally identifiable info from job applications. But it might. Being inclusive […]

How companies should respond to the novel COVID-19

What to do when it might be dangerous to have your employees at work The world is in the midst of what could be one of the most significant pandemics of the century. At the very least, a disease epidemic, unlike anything the world has seen in over a decade. And it’s hitting people hard […]

Monster Canada’s 2020 Hiring And Wage Forecasts

Reading the tea leaves for 2020 isn’t for amateur soothsayers. Canada’s economy is turning less predictable. While things went pretty well in the first ten months of 2019, November had the most prominent employment drop in a decade.

Monster Canada’s State of the Candidate Survey Highlights

Monster launched its annual State of The Candidate Survey to get a pulse on candidate feelings about the workplace and the future state of the job market. For the first time, Monster fielded surveys in eight global markets; the following report is of the Canadian-specific data. Here’s what the survey revealed: candidates want more from […]

The Line Between Boosting Staff Performance And Exploitation

Goosing productivity’s one thing, taking advantage and breaking labour laws is another.   Productivity. It’s the Holy Grail of performance management experts. And a key ingredient in sweatshops. It also boosts staff output to earn a hero’s welcome. There are plenty of ways to raise engagement and pump up what’s pumped out. Some are positive, […]

How To Deal With Employee Moonlighting

More than a million Canadians are at it. Holding down multiple jobs, that is. Nearly 6% of our workforce is doubly employed, the highest number since records began forty years ago.

How To Hire For Fit

By Mark Swartz Even the most skilled candidates could bomb in mismatched workplace culture. Don’t confuse hiring for chemistry with hiring for fit. Chemistry’s when you click with the candidate in the interview stage. Fit’s about how that person meshes with the company culture. You could be head over heels for someone due to their […]

Business Plans For Small Businesses

Companies that need start-up or expansion bucks seek financing. That’s what a business plan’s for. It shows what the small enterprise is (or will be), how it’ll rake in income, and ways those dinars will get spent. There are funding sources galore. Except for banks, government grants and angel investors will want proof your idea […]