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Logo Design for Your Small Business

Logo Design for Your Small Business

By Mark Swartz


Companies use images and lettering creatively to craft logos. The logo visually represents what the brand stands for. It gets used on everything from business cards to social media profiles.

You can design one yourself or pay to get it done. Whichever route is selected, make sure the final version is unique, memorable, and (if need be) trademarkable.


The Importance Of A Logo

A logo signifies your company’s brand identity. It’s a vital design element at the core of all your materials: stationery, packaging, promotional items, signage and web presence. Picture it as part of an aligned marketing strategy.


What It Should Accomplish

A great logo tells a brand’s story – company name, mission and principles. Through the use of text, color and graphics, your logo should reflect the overall image you want your company to convey.

It also ought to confidently highlight your company’s name. Which is why selecting a name that stands out is also a critical aspect of branding.


Do It Yourself And Save Money

For  very simple designs, there’s a frugal way to create a company logo. Just use one of the free or low cost logo generators online.

They tend to be fairly simple drag and drop tools. Type in your company name and choose a pre-fab template. Select fancy lettering or keep it classic. Insert a shape or image for eye appeal. Change colours to see variations.

Which tools to use? Have a look at Squarespace Logo, LogoMaker, LogoYes or DesignMantic. There are many others too.


Or Pay For A Professional Version

It doesn’t cost much to have a basic logo designed for you. The “gig economy” has seen to that. Freelance talent marketplace sites abound. On the cheap and cheerful side, for $5 to $50 you’ll get basic, usable results.

If you want a unique logo that’s web-friendly and trademarkable, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500.


Two Main Styles

Logos tend to come in two standard forms. They’re either abstract symbols (like Apple’s partially bitten fruit), or logotypes, a stylized rendition of your company's name. Combining the two is often done.


For small businesses, promoting an abstract symbol can be expensive. It takes a lot of impressions for people to identify your company with an emblem. A stylized version of the firm’s name is simpler yet can be memorable.


Some Logo Design Tips

Your logo might be the first impression your company makes. It can influence people’s brand perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude.

So don’t just put a name in a box and leave it at that. Try to produce a design where font style, colour and imagery interplay.

Fancy fonts can add a touch of class or distinction. But they get distorted in reduced sizes (such as on business cards or social media icons). Regular fonts can be used on more platforms. However they are less striking.

Bright and bold colors are attention grabbers. They can also seem brash. Muted tones exude sophistication, except they can be overlooked.

As for symbols or imagery, they must complement (not take away from) the other design elements. Opt for simple or no symbolism at all.


A Few Reminders

Visual branding is an art form. What may seem attractive to you could be off-putting to others. Test your logo with some friends, customers and suppliers. Select the variant you can best live with.

In the meantime watch for legal snags. Ensure that any fonts or images used are either public domain or proprietary to your company.

Logo design needn’t be a chore. Consider it a step in bringing your company’s personality to life. Then boldly picture the possibilities.


If you have any questions or inquiries regarding logos, branding and more visit our digital agency bythefoundry.com and they will be happy to guide you and offer you the best solutions for your business.