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What’s Coming In HR Tech 2019

What’s Coming In HR Tech 2019

At the massive 2018 HR Technology Conference in Vegas, everyone rolled the dice on disruption.

Can it still be called Human Resources when everything’s being robotized? At the 2018 HR Tech Conference, it seemed like a rebrand to Cyborg Resources might be fitting.

Next-gen apps and chatboxes trumped. AI is rising scarily. VR’s getting built into training and onboarding. The mobile, cloud computing and data orgy have arrived.

Here are some highlights from the annual Vegas bacchanalia. This year’s focus was on women in HR Tech and preserving the human touch. All cards are showing automation.

Planet Of The Apps
As mobile takes over, new platform iterations have evolved. Slack, for instance, ain’t just what you cut someone now. There are add-ons like Disco – a real-time recognition and rewards program – and Jane.ai, which makes all of an employer’s info accessible through chat. Freshly hired Monster CEO Scott Gutz says we’ll be upping the stakes in apps too.  

Chatbots (Not Fembots) Dominate
It started as a gimmick: Simple automated responses (you type “hello,” machine retorts “hi there”). Morphed into fake Tweeters and phony paramours on dating sites. Today it’s hell-bent on discarding human interfaces.

Go all in on HireMya, billing itself as the leading conversational AI platform for hiring teams. It computerizes outreach and communication across the end-to-end candidate and employee lifecycle. Because applicants don’t find recruiting soulless enough. See also online, streamlined HR processes from something – not someone – named Olivia. 

Intelligence Should Be More Than Artificial
Quantified workplace metrics. Deep learning systems and data analytics. All the everyday HR problems solved by algorithms.

Which of these candidates should we hire? Click here for a definitive answer. Who’s the best person to promote? Press there, instant insight. Except most of the so-called wisdom in AI is based on stats about what worked before. No way to program in every factor though. How do you code for flukes or luck?

Managers and recruiters have built-in predictors anyway. Prior experiences + gut instinct = best guess. While machine computation can help narrow down decisions, it’s no guaranteed jackpot.

Virtual Reality Going Viral
VR and Augmented Reality are metastasizing. From gamer glory to actual world (via a pit stop in porn paradise, naturally). Future new hires will don goofy headsets to learn and practice their roles electronically. 

What’ll training and development look like? 3D interactive MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Programmed life-like simulations on making decisions, or performing tasks, under high stress. Maybe even wearing biometric devices to monitor brain activity (oops, that’s for 2020). Too many lazy beta waves and cash in your chips.

What’s The Real Stake?
2018’s conference main takeaway is the ante’s been raised on HR tech. Yet practitioners are getting dealt a confusing hand. Automation’s supposed to speed up and foolproof people transactions. But integrating AI, blockchain and VR with legacy systems, and peskily balky humans is still a gamble. 

The human touch is at risk. And what’ll happen to HR pros if mostly replaced by chatbots, DIY service selection and algorithms? Stay tuned in 2019 as the deck gets shuffled further.