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Best practices to get more online job applicants

Best practices to get more online job applicants

Attract higher quality and relevant candidates by tweaking your virtual recruiting.

Way too many off-target applicants reply to your online job ads. Or barely anyone responds, and you’re pulling your hair out. Also, there’s a spate of drop-offs partway through applying. 

Not enough quality talent’s pouring out of the pipeline. Now you’re tasked with upping the flow, filtering out unqualified, reducing opt-outs, and tracking recruiting sources.

Do it all with the following best practices.

Optimize Your Content

Optimize everything in the ad – from the job title to position description – for search engine optimization(SEO). And sell the sizzle while being informative.

Except for the job title, where you should dare to be boring. Drop cutesy monikers, for instance, Manager of Initial Impressions instead of plain old’ Receptionist. Job seekers tend to use simple search terms. 

The job description itself should be super engaging. Write it using language applicants can relate to. Highlight the position’s best features. Make it sound meaningful, not dull. And include a call to action, e.g. an “Apply Now” button linked to the online application.

Simplify Applying

How many clicks does it take to complete your application process? How’s that compare to your competitors? Minimize the steps to reduce fed up drop-offs. Ask only for what’s essential. You can always request more info from chosen candidates later.

Other ways to make applying easier? Redirect seekers directly to the requisition in your Applicant Tracking (ATS) or Talent Management system. Don’t make them futz around on your career site, or create a log-in before they can start applying

Drive Traffic To The Ad

Even with an SEO optimized job ad, you’ll want to direct potential applicants to view it. Coordinate your social media to emphasize the messaging about each availability. 

Whether finding ways to get more candidates to watch company videos or apply for openings, it’s about reaching people where they live online. Above all, ensure your career site’s mobile-friendly and fast loading as well.

Boost Recruiting Efficiencies

It’s one thing to increase the number of online applicants, another to goose qualified candidates. That is to say, focus on the latter.

Consider including a screening tool in the application. It might be a simple quiz or skills self-rating section. That is to say; the point is to weed out futile wannabes. Although it adds extra content and creates another step, keeping it short and sweet could minimize opt-outs.

The second efficiency to increase is applicant sourcing. Do you know which of your social media or ad placements drive the most responses? You’ll want to track these figures continuously. Analytics let you direct resources to the top sources. 

Heighten Your Hiring Stats

Finding and attracting great talent is at the heart of recruiting. Doing so online needn’t be as hit and miss as your current methods.

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