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9 Tips To Up Productivity Via Calmer Workplaces

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but some tranquillity might beat the constant hustle and bustle.Seeing the office buzz like a hive of killer bees warms management’s hearts. The more bustle, the more output. Assuming, mind you, said hubbub ain’t just a swarm of disorganized frantic.If it’s productivity you want, maybe calm things down a hint. Rushed deadlines and forced face-time do not an on fleek staff maketh. Well, for a while yeah, then it’s burnout (and turnover) city.

Demoting Someone Legally Can Seem Like Mission Impossible

You’re not Ethan Hunt. The employee ain’t no femme fatale. But by being a villain, you might get sued for constructive dismissal.Blockbuster action flicks make your adrenalin gush. Tom Cruise daring a mid-air helicopter leap leaves you on the edge of your seat.Demoting an employee without causing a meltdown (sans dirty bombs) can feel like the new Mission: Impossible movie. The fallout from failing could be catastrophic: an explosive lawsuit for constructive dismissal.