Target and Reach More Candidates

Extend your reach far beyond job postings. Monster offers the best candidates, the largest reach and the most value for your recruitment dollar. Through unique advertising opportunities, we’ll promote your brand and help your company further establish itself as an employer of choice.

Reach passive and active job seekers by tapping into Monster’s new generation of media solutions. The key is getting relevant job postings in front of the most desirable Seeker groups by designing the right media package to fit your hiring needs. With Monster you can:

Target the Right Candidates with the Right Messages

Retaining your best talent starts with finding the best candidates. Our innovative hiring and media solutions can boost your results by helping you stand out and even reach the best-fit, passive job seekers.

Manage Your Hiring Needs on a Global Scale

Around the world, Monster is known as the premier site for putting the right people in the right positions. Monster has a presence in more than 40 countries with over 5,000 employees dedicated to satisfying your recruitment needs.

Strengthen Your Recruitment Brand

Monster continues to be the brand of choice for both job seekers and employers, with more brand exposure globally, nationally, and locally than any other online career site. Our hiring solutions also enable you to become a known brand of choice for the right target candidates.

Solve Your Unique Recruiting Needs

Monster offers the flexibility needed to meet your specific recruiting goals. All of our easy-to-use hiring tools are customizable to your company and to your global locations. We don’t just connect you to job seekers — we are your worldwide recruitment partner.

Benefit from Customized Solutions

Leverage Monster’s trusted relationship with job seekers by extending your brand throughout Monster’s seeker site. We can also provide campaign landing pages that showcase your company, your messages and your open positions. They attract seekers to your company’s recruitment page, and drive greater recall of your company, not to mention greater results.

With powerful online tools, Monster can extend your brand far beyond traditional recruitment advertising and help you reach both Active and Passive Job Seekers.

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