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Why Every Company Needs a Workplace Social Media Policy

8 Ways To Prevent Your Staff From Stagnating

Hiring Trifecta; Chemistry, Skills and Fit

Avoiding Career Site Contempt

Should You Experiment With Transparent Compensation?

Transparency in corporate speak?

The workplace can be filled with a multitude of personality types all with contrasting communication styles. Some meek, others with egos raging. Enter office politics, a corporate ladder to climb, all while managing your own personal ambitions and you've got one hell of a migraine by 5 o'clock.

Stop Micromanaging

Although the boardroom and the locker room may appear to be worlds apart, the truth is that being a good leader can make or break a team in any arena.

Add a Note

A note captures your thoughts and activities (phone calls, interviews, etc.) related to this resume. If viewable company-wide, this can be a great tool to ensure that your colleagues know the history of a resume before a candidate is engaged.

Send Messages

Have you ever searched the resume database and found a perfect candidate for a specific position? Be proactive and send the candidate a message about the job opportunity.

Block a Candidate

If a resume that is not a good match for a position you are sourcing keeps appearing in your list of results, you can block that resume to make sure you bypass it if it comes up in the future.