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Making Summer Hours Work

What Canada’s Top 100 Workplaces Do Differently

Saying you value your employees means shizzle till you show it concretely. See what leading employers do. Got what it takes to be a bitchin’ workplace? The best employers flex like a Cirque du Soleil contortionist to engage staff. Take winners of “Canada’s Top 100 Workplaces” 2019 competition. Each contestant’s measured on the same eight criteria (spelled out below, with examples). Learning from what these leaders are doing can prompt your own brainstorms.

And The Job Award Goes To…

Finding the best hire for that hard-to-fill position is no easy task – are you going to go with the front runner or the dark horse? Go with all the buzz, or look behind the scenes for a hidden gem, an unknown?

Monster Studios

Now you can reach candidates in a more intimate and authentic way.

Monster Studios

Now you can reach candidates in a more intimate and authentic way.

Let Your Employees Disconnect From Work After Hours

Carefully put a policy in place that specifies who can be contacted when, and for what. It’s gotten to the point where Wellness Tourism’s a thing. Yep. Flush burnouts pay huge for primitive resorts where all devices – and any internet – are banned. What’s that tell you? After hours intrusions on employees are rampant. 9:30 p.m., answer this text NOW. 6:15 a.m., I’m up, what about you, slacker (via Slack yet, oh the irony). What, just cuz you’re a life-ducking workaholic your staff has to be enslaved? Unless you’re also a glutton for increased claims of stress-related illnesses, lawsuits for unpaid overtime, and bitterness among those who feel trapped into replying no matter when putting a disconnect policy in place!

What’s Coming In HR Tech 2019

At the massive 2018 HR Technology Conference in Vegas, everyone rolled the dice on disruption. Can it still be called Human Resources when everything’s being robotized? At the 2018 HR Tech Conference, it seemed like a rebrand to Cyborg Resources might be fitting. Next-gen apps and chatboxes trumped. AI is rising scarily. VR’s getting built into training and onboarding. The mobile, cloud computing and data orgy have arrived.

Queer Credentials For Employers

Showing workplace Pride is one thing. Getting certified for LGBTQ commitment’s a whole ‘nother level. Surprised to hear there are queer credentials for Canadian employers? A couple certifications spring to mind. At least one is for learning how to be more inclusive. Another qualifies small businesses as LGBTQ owned and operated suppliers.

Job Sharing Helps Staff Have More Flexibility

Keeping good people sometimes means offering unconventional work arrangements, such as role splitting between two workers. You can split hairs. But jobs? Why not. Work-sharing programs twin two people in a single position. Flexible arrangements help keep some good workers.

Cloud Analytics

You’re about to get a whole new perspective on your recruiting strategy.