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These days, people don’t just search for jobs. They look for companies that align with their hopes and dreams (and burning desire for unlimited PTO). We’ll help you attract the right candidates with a company profile page dedicated to your brand and everything it offers prospective employees.

73% of employers say they need more than just job ads to do their jobs well1

Get noticed for who you are.


Feature photos and videos that highlight your culture and brand so candidates can picture themselves at your company.

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Make it easy for the right candidates to explore your company benefits and see how you give back to your employees.

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Set up your company profile in minutes and edit it as often as you like. It’s conveniently linked to all your job postings and is discoverable in company searches so candidates can easily find you.

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Meet candidates where they are by promoting your profile on social media channels.

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Mission accomplished

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  • Monster State of the Recruiter Report, 2018