How Employer Branding Can Supercharge Your DE&I Initiatives in 2023

More than ever, employer branding (paired with real action) will be key to driving diversity initiatives in 2023.

Without effective messaging on diversity efforts, employers will increasingly be out of the running when it comes to hiring top talent. That’s not a problem you want to have in today’s already tough economic climate. More than ever, employer branding (paired with real action) will be key to driving diversity initiatives in 2023.

Why DE&I Matters in Employer Branding

Not only is today’s applicant pool more diverse, but these candidates also have a wealth of information about potential employers available at their fingertips. From social media and review platforms to employer value propositions and mission statements, you can bet that candidates are looking to see if you offer an inclusive, welcoming environment. Just consider these recent findings from Monster:

  • 86% of job seekers say they factor an employer’s reputation on DE&I in their job search.
  • 70% of employees expect their employer to be transparent about DE&I initiatives and results.
  • 62% of job applicants say they would turn down an offer from a company that did not support DE&I.

“More than ever, candidates and employees are seeking transparency and action from companies, not empty promises,” says Traci Wilk, chief people officer at The Learning Experience. “Candidates want to know how diversity and inclusion is reflected in a company’s processes, policies, and organizational framework.”

Promoting DE&I in Employer Branding

Incorporating DE&I within your employer branding strategy can help employers move the needle when it comes to diversity hiring policies and initiatives. “Promoting diversity initiatives through branding can positively impact recruiting and retaining employees,” says Amy Casciotti, vice president of human resources at TechSmith. “If a prospective employee sees a company is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, they may feel more inclined to apply for a job with that organization. In turn, this creates a more diverse pool of job applicants and potential employees.”

Here are a few ways you can effectively communicate your commitment to DE&I within employer branding:

Employer Value Proposition

An employer value proposition is a promise of what you will give to your employees in return for their time, loyalty, and productivity. It’s also a great place to clarify what your company stands for, its values, and what its organizational culture is like.

“Incorporating DE&I into the EVP sends a clear message that the company values and prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion,” says Sven Patzer, chief executive officer at Sveny Corp. “Employers can communicate their commitment to DE&I by highlighting specific initiatives, policies, and programs that support diversity and equity in the workplace. They can also share stories and testimonials from diverse employees to show that DE&I is a lived value at the company.”

Job Descriptions

Job ads are often a candidate’s first impression of your company. At minimum, make sure that every job listing includes an equal employer opportunity (EEO) statement. Using inclusive language that is free of unconscious bias can also help encourage applicants from underrepresented groups.

In addition to job ads, be sure to update all candidate communications, application tests and forms, and the career section on your company website, to make sure they are promoting an inclusive workplace.

Social Media

Social media channels allow you to show and tell real stories in real-time. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok, can help validate the claims you make online. Creating a social media presence allows candidates to follow and watch your company in action to get a better feel for your culture and values.

Real Action

If your DE&I practices don’t match your messaging, you can expect top applicants to take notice. “Demonstrating commitment to DE&I goes beyond messaging,” Patzer says. “Employers can take concrete steps, such as offering diversity and inclusion training, setting diversity hiring goals, and regularly reviewing and revising policies and practices to ensure they promote equity and inclusivity.”

Additionally, employers can consider getting involved with community organizations, supporting social justice issues, or creating employee resource groups (ERGs) to demonstrate a commitment to DE&I.

Learn More About Employer Branding

From conveying your company’s commitment to diversity hiring and DE&I values to perfecting your messaging on sustainability and work-life balance, Monster’s Employer Branding Guide can answer all your questions about how to devise a branding strategy for today’s job market. Download today to learn more.