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Job description examples, tips and best practices

Job description examples, tips and best practices

When you go to post a job, it can feel like high school essay time all over again. There’s the blank page, staring you down. Where do you start? You definitely want to find great job description examples to follow, but to write a captivating job ad, you’ll need a few more tricks and techniques to help candidates find your open position.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips and advice for writing great job descriptions, plus we can even show you where to find a trove of job description samples that you might want to borrow from.

The most important recruitment tool in your arsenal is the job posting. To make sure your job ad gets the job done, you not only want to write a compelling job description but you want to use the power of search engines and ensure the highest of search engine rankings. Making catchy job postings search engine optimized will get you the most visibility and eyeballs, and help attract awesome applicants.

Read on for some creative job ad ideas and post away with these job description examples, tips and best practices to stand out from the competition and stand out in searches:

 Keywords make your job posting searchable

Be at the top of search engine results by using the correct keyword phrases. Using keywords to optimize the job posting increases the chances of highly-qualified candidates finding your job ad more easily, and it appearing higher in a job seeker’s search results.

Generate traffic to your job opening by integrating keyword phrases that are relevant to the profession strategically throughout your job listing. Don’t overdo it! Come up with 3-5 related terms or combinations—think brand, industry and occupation-specific phrases—to optimize your relevance. Be sure to include the city where your job opening is located, and even well-known industry or certification abbreviations.

Brainstorm for keywords like the ones a job seeker might search for, and check out similar job ads online for keyword ideas. Search engines rank job postings according to keyword matches so ensure candidates see your job first and you get more traffic to your job pages.

Job ad setup

Setting up your job ad requires best practices and that starts with a clear and simple headline, ideally under 65 characters with spaces. Forgo quirky job titles and stick with standard, industry-specific job titles since these are already optimized for search engines.

Client Happiness Expert may attract clicks out of interest, but Customer Service Representative will be found more easily by candidates looking through search engines. Fancy job titles, such as ninja, guru and rock star, along with industry jargon or internal terminology, can keep your ad out of search results.

Now you’ve got their attention, bring the position to life with clear and concise copy that comes to life with a spattering of keyword phrases. While search engines are all about text, a wall of text will turn off job applicants. Bullet points or short paragraphs are good at grabbing attention, and stay clear of internal jargon, excessive punctuation and non-essential information.

Organize posting into clear sections

Your aim is to give candidates a peek at the role and its potential, ideally in about a dozen short sentences. You need to get across the objectives, tasks, and opportunities, as well as highlight relevant skills and not lose their interest.

Create a catchy job posting by breaking it up into concise sections. Kick off with a marketing summary, aka your pitch. Speak to the applicant directly by highlighting the position’s best features and what the job is all about so they can envision themselves doing the job they’re applying for.

Next you want to highlight the responsibilities of the position. Stick with the main tasks of the job using keywords and industry jargon that a larger audience can identify with.

You need to cover off the must-haves. Be specific about the qualifications, training and skills they need so you draw in top-tier talent. Clearly state required professional certificates, education and experience. For example, you can say something like, “leadership skills proven by prior experience managing a team.”

Last but not least, let searchers know what’s in it for them. Highlight benefits, perks and what sets your company culture apart. Focus on the future of possibilities with a snapshot of what awaits if they come on board as an employee.

Include a video job ad

 Search engines love video and so do viewers. Boost views and keep seekers on your site longer by including a creative and compelling video job ad. But keep them short and sweet—video interviews with select employees or testimonials from suppliers and customers can help recruit. Draw in visitors by creatively showing off products and work culture.

Optimize for SEO with a keyword-rich title—no more than 60 characters in total. Search engines also love text so add relevant captions and even upload a transcript where possible.

Drive video to the right audience by coordinating your message with social media, mobile and your site’s career pages. Get further buy in from interested applicants with mobile-friendly features that’ll reduce drop-off through the apply process.

Promote your video on a dedicated job search platform like Monster, and take advantage of Monster Studios at no added cost with every job ad. This mobile app lets you easily record, edit, and publish videos directly from your phone.

Use these job description examples

 Struggling to find the right words? There’s help for that! Use one of our job description samples to write a targeted job posting and attract the most qualified talent for the job.

Looking for a Legal Secretary or a Diesel Technician? How about a Project Manager? Words matter and using our consistent, approved templates can help you lay it all out simply and effectively, and deliver your pitch with a punch.

A clear and engaging job description does a great job of advertising your open positions. Rather than just listing requirements, strike the right tone by listing things that attract great candidates. You want to sell candidates on you company and team, and why working for you is so great.

Over to you

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