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Monster Training

Get the most from Monster’s products and services with these training resources. Please log in to access training information targeted to your account needs.

Article Getting Help

Have a question? Monster’s online help contains customer service information, online tutorials, and FAQs.

Quick Guide Quick Guide to Boolean Logic

This Quick Guide PDF will help you to understand and apply Boolean Logic operators in your Resume Searches – an absolute must to help you locate those hard-to-find resumes!

Quick Guide Saving Resume Searches

This task aid provides step-by-step instructions for saving a resume search for reuse at a later date.

Quick Guide Resume Search Example

This task aid walks through the steps to review a sample resume search for an experienced Inside Sales Representative position

Quick Guide Job Ads Smart Practices

Find time saving tips and hints to make your job ads more effective and attract the right candidates.

Article Manage Job Ads

Once you've uploaded your job ad, there are various functions available to you for managing your ads.