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As a leader in your field, it is important for you to have insight into the job market, your industry, labour trends and more. At Monster, we leverage our research and deep understanding of seeker and employer behaviour to provide you with relevant industry and market knowledge.

By analyzing and collecting data from millions of job searches performed on Monster each month, Monster provides information and analyses to help leading businesses stay on top of today’s most pressing human capital issues.

Where HR professionals find their edge

Leading businesses have transformed their HR organizations into executive partners, striving to improve productivity while managing challenges such as employee loyalty and workforce planning. As an HR professional, you need information on new ways to recruit, fresh ideas to capture worker knowledge and unique approaches to leverage trends in labour markets.

A proactive approach to emerging issues

Monster tracks international, national and local employment trends, online Employer activity and Job Seeker activity. Our research and analyses can help you:

  • Gain insight into regional markets
  • Discover where to locate talent
  • Understand positions and skills most in demand
  • Identify occupational issues before they affect your organization

Monster offers a number of free articles, webinars and other information that provide relevant insights into the vital issues organizations face today.

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