Employee performance evaluation

Topics include: performance management, employee terminations and more.

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Worker dealing with employee burnout at her office desk
How to Prevent Employee Burnout
Employee burnout is a drain on your employees and ultimately your bottom line. Here are the signs to watch out for -- and what to do when you see them.
8 Ways To Prevent Your Staff From Stagnating
Most employees yearn to grow their skills. Here’s how to keep workers engaged and ready to take on more challenging roles.
Five ways to help your quiet employees shine
Foster that culture, make your shy employees look good, and they’ll help your company flourish.
Enhance employee performance by spotting abusive leadership
Ways to get rid of those snakes in the grass.
Overcome Your Objections to Helping Employees Career Plan
Provide professional assistance in doing so and gain loyalty.
Why Some Big Companies Are Scrapping Annual Performance Reviews
Performance reviews are evolving as fast as the HR hiring spectrum. Learn why:

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How to Give a Great Presentation

If you have to use Power Point, and I know most of you feel that you do, don’t use it as a crutch. Use it as a tool.

Giving Feedback to Employees

Providing feedback is an essential management skill to be mastered and without feedback skills, you can never be considered a truly great leader.

Legal Concerns for Laying Off or Firing Employees

Building up a case, albeit painstaking, is not difficult. Learn how.

Linking Selection and Development

The hiring process can be a source of valuable information that enables employee performance and development.

Promote from Within

In your ongoing quest to find qualified candidates to fill new positions, don’t overlook a potentially rich resource – your current workforce.

Do More For Some People and Less for Others

Do you reward your employees for their individual achievements? If not, why not? This article advises you to be flexible and generous.

HR’s Role in Employee Termination

HR can play a key role in training managers to properly handle employee terminations and performance reviews.

Effective Performance Reviews

Regular performance reviews offer both the employee and employer an opportunity to look back and forward. Do them right.