Monster’s Inclusive Hiring Guide: Diversity & Inclusion in Recruiting

Inclusive hiring efforts are nothing new at most large organizations, but the social justice events of this past year have put initiatives into hyperdrive. Underlying the key cultural moments is that fact that today’s candidates are also demanding a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Consider this research from Monster: More than four in five (86%) candidates globally say diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is important to them. Additional research found that 62% of people would go as far as turning down a job offer if it came from a culture that didn’t support a diverse workforce. No longer will candidates overlook the fact that many organizations still only have a room full of white men in the C-Suite–there’s more pressure for more inclusive hiring, but to also provide a path to advancement for the best underrepresented talent.

DEI is not just a box to check off–it’s of great importance to today’s job seekers. A Monster survey found that the majority of employees (70%) expect companies to be transparent about the diversity of their workforce. They’re even looking at how companies respond to pivotal moments like the Black Lives Matter movement, with 62% of respondents saying their likelihood of working for a company increased if it had a positive response. For those who said they were less likely to work for a company (38%), over half (55%) noted it was because the prospective company remained silent on the issue.

Despite most organizations knowing what they should be doing around diversity and inclusion, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. More than half (54%) of American employees do not believe that their company has successfully created diversity in 2020, according to  data from Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm.

Monster took a closer look at our own data as well as what candidates are saying across the world and we created a comprehensive guide to creating a more inclusive hiring program. As your organization looks to improve your efforts toward diversity and inclusion, we hope this helps.

Download the guide here.