Queer Credentials For Employers

Showing workplace Pride is one thing. Getting certified for LGBTQ commitment’s a whole other level.

Surprised to hear there are queer credentials for Canadian employers? A couple certifications spring to mind. At least one is for learning how to be more inclusive. Another qualifies small businesses as LGBTQ owned and operated suppliers. 
This one is for LGBT-owned businesses. It’s offered by The Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC). They certify qualifying companies and help the owners connect with other Canadian firms for commercial relations.

Supplier diversity’s becoming a thing, driven by our American cousins. Most multinationals require it from their tier one and two suppliers for procurement opps. Kind of like b2b for LGBT.

Who Qualifies?
To become an LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) a business has to…
•    be for-profit and operate in Canada
•    have the applicant be a Canadian citizen
•    operate as a supplier of products or services to other companies, and
•    be at least 51% owned and operated by self-identified and verified LGBTers. 

Proving You’re No Straight Or Cisgender Vanilla
Talk about a touchy step. Evidence of sex orientation or gender I.D. could be sticky. Good thing no snapshots or SnapChat videos required. Just your say so, plus one of:
•    a marriage license (same sex, natch)
•    membership in an LGBTQ organization
•    joint bank account or property ownership with a same-sex partner
•    advertising or media that boasts of the company being LGBTQ owned and operated

This program’s legit. Check their uber-respectable corporate partners. Founding sponsors are RBC, TD, plus Ernst and Young. Kellogg’s and TELUS too. A who’s Q of the industry. Additional partners include Bell, Rogers, Accenture, Merck, more banks, and other celeb-status companies. Cost is $400 to apply. A bit more for non-members.

Pride at Work Canada (PAWC), founded in 2008, is aptly named. They push for LGBTQ2+ inclusion. Recent stats show that homophobia, biphobia and transphobia still lurk at work. More than 40% of employers don’t put out strong leadership messages on LGBT diversity. 

PAWC’s on it like a hawk. They offer an LGBT Workplace Inclusion Certificate. To earn it you’ve got to take an online course. It’s self-paced and requires about three hours. Three CPD credits are earned.

What It’s About
The program helps you create a welcoming environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender staff. Learn how to make workplaces safer and more tolerant, create employee resource groups, and stop bullies from bashing. Also, find out how and when to step in against LGBT discrimination and language abuse. 

Who It’s For
Invite HR pros, business owners, managers and staff. Price of the course is a couple of hundred. They’ll find out how to be powerful allies for progress and inclusion, and help employees celebrate their pride.