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Recruiting and Hiring Advice

Improve your employee recruitment cycle with these resources.

Article Why Are Millennials Leaving Your Company?

Are searches for “how to land the corner office” being replaced by “how to work in your own home office”? If millennials are tired of the regular corporate life, what are you doing to retain them?

Article Managing The Employee Lifecycle Seamlessly

When your job involves talent management, it must incorporate the entire employee lifecycle. Wouldn’t it be nice to automate human capital planning as much as possible?

Article Should You Hire An Inter-Provincial Employee?

Are there any specific obligations or dispensations that need to be taken into consideration when looking to hire someone who resides in a different province? Or what happens if a member of your team has decided to move to a new province but still intends to commute into work every day?

Article Cloud Computing For Small Business

For small businesses hoping to leverage their IT budgets, the cloud offers many benefits. But there are perils too. Find out more about them in this primer on cloud computing basics.

Article Why Twitter is No Longer the Wild, Wild West of Recruitment

In today's world, your talent-acquisition and marketing teams need a cohesive strategy for your talent brand, because social media and recruiting are now thoroughly intertwined, learn which strategies should you need to develop.

Article 3 Ways to Be Constantly Recruiting Star Talent Through Social Media

Social platforms, with the largest audiences available, have become marketing platforms. Hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly turning to the social web to market their companies to job seekers. Here are three critical things all of them should already be doing:

Article Instagram In An Instant! A Guide For Your Business.

Here’s an interesting stat: engagement on Instagram is an average of 18 times higher than Facebook! Instagram offers a variety of ways to create content & develop strategies to engage with your consumer. Learn more:

Article Avoid Wrongful Hiring

Making promises or exaggerations that prove false could be misrepresentation. Protect yourself from “wrongful hiring” lawsuits by watching what you (or your recruiters) say to prospects.