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Workforce Management

Retain and manage an engaged workforce with these resources.

Article Winning With Workplace Democracy

The intent of workplace democracy is to create a more inviting, productive work environment. It takes a commitment from the top downward. Is it right for your small business?

Article Offering Relocation Incentives

Getting a Canadian to uproot for a job is like pouring thick maple syrup: eventually it’ll move, but it needs heat to speed things up.

Article The Gender Gap

Equal pay for equal work. Seems fair, doesn't it? But if you're female in Canada, this basic principle often doesn't apply.

Article Should You Offer Unlimited Vacation?

Offering unlimited paid vacation? It’s a benefit that some employers here have begun to provide. If you’re thinking of joining them, make sure you plan for it properly.

Article Signs your star employee is about to quit

There are a slew of resources out there when you’re on the employee side, and you’re looking for signs that you’re about to be let go. We’re flipping the question and looking from the top, down – is your team rock star plotting his or her escape?