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Increase Your Hiring Pinfluence With Pinterest

Showcase Your Employer Brand Visually

Increase Your Hiring Pinfluence With Pinterest

Boosting your image as an employer is one thing. Increasing it by combining images with interesting words?That’s what Pinterest is about.

It’s the social media site where pictures mixed with text reign supreme. There are more than 70 million users worldwide. They use Boards on Pinterest to share information with others. Which makes it a useful medium for employers to show off who they are.

To increase your hiring Pinfluence, consider curating relevant content, using vibrant imagery to capture attention, and directing viewers back to your website’s hiring pages.

A Quick Look At Pinterest Users
The stats on Pinterest are that their user base is mainly between 25 to 54 years old. It isn’t only young people on the site. And the gender gap is also starting to close. In the early days, women outnumbered men by four to one. Today it’s still heavily skewed toward females, but the ratio is a little more balanced.

Employers of all sizes have hopped aboard Pinterest. You’ll find everyone from the largest corporations to the smallest businesses and all sizes of non-profits. They’re using Pinterest as part of their overall social media branding and marketing strategy.

Show Your True Employment Colours
Pinterest lets you create a favourable impression of being a great employer. Set up your Boards accordingly. They can showcase your corporate culture, values, employees and work environments.

Start with a Board for “Staff Events.” Show pictures of your people at group functions and on special occasions. Add some text that conveys a professional yet upbeat tone.

Another Board could be “Meet Our Staff.” Here you might show photos or short videos of individuals in their actual work environments. These could be accompanied by catchy phrases that describe the person’s role.

Add a different Board for “Job Postings.” Link your Monster.ca postings to increase the reach of your job ads.

Curate Relevant Content
Does your business specialize in a specific area? If so, Pinterest is useful for curating relevant content. It’s a way of showing off that you’re current to potential employees.
The simplest way to do this is to highlight your company’s blog posts on relevant Boards. Let’s say you specialize in sporting goods. You could have a Board for each sport you concentrate on. Anytime you blog about that particular sport, pin it to the appropriate Board. Then provide a link directly back to that blog post. And add an image or video that matches the topic.
Make Your Graphics Arresting
The image you pin to your Pinterest post is central to your message. Good thing you can add any visual you want. Photos work well, as do stills from videos. Or try graphics and other artistic depictions.

Many of the images on Pinterest are “aspirational” content for users. In essence, they portray a workplace culture that potential employees can relate and aspire to.

One especially useful type of image is an infographic. It tells your story in pictures and words vibrantly yet simply. You can make your own with a variety of free tools available online.

Text Should Be SEO-Friendly
There isn’t much space to write under each image on Pinterest. Choosing your words wisely is essential. Not only should they be descriptive and compelling, but SEO-friendly as well.

Using relevant keywords and keyword phrases when creating the descriptions, updates, posts, and comments will go a long way in helping that content get ranked by the search engines.

Adding hashtags, like on Twitter and Facebook, helps categorize your Pinterest posts. Readers can search by topic. Your hashtags will assist them in finding your content.

Tie It Together
Your employer brand should be consistent across all platforms. Check regularly to ensure that the message you’re conveying on Pinterest matches that of your other social media. Apply this as well to your company’s website and its job-seeker friendly pages.
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