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Get the Most from Power Resume Search

Get the Most from Power Resume Search
Finding the right resume for the job has long been a struggle using Boolean Logic as part of your resume search. Using commands and operators to string together keywords was tedious at best. In contrast, semantic search combines advanced analytics with real-world knowledge of occupations in many industries to refine resume search.
Instead of keywords, Power Resume Search uses Monster’s patented semantic 6Sense™ search technology to understand the meaning behind words and provide the best candidate matches with the least effort. 
Use these tips to get the best results with Power Resume Search:

Start simple. Use a generic title and a few skills to define the job.

Specify the job using the job title and the skills section – for example:
Job Title: Engineer
Skill: Chemical Engineering
   – or –
Job Title: Customer Service
Skill: Call Center

Revise a search that generates too many or too few candidates. 
Revise the main search page and further refine  the results page
Change the title – make it more specific, or less specific
Add or remove skills - a long list of skills will dilute the power of the most relevant ones
     Too few skills may return too many results
     Explore the Advanced Search fields (see below)  
If salary is a concern, you can specify years of experience.
0-3 years will give you entry level experience
5-15 years brings up mid-career 
15+ years generates senior candidates 
Refine your search via your skills and keyword choices.
Using ‘Nice to have’ will sort skills to the top of your search
Using “Required” filters out resumes (use only as necessary
Use these “Advanced Search” options to refine initial search results.
Education filters by academic degree
Use Skills to identify certifications or licenses
Company Name will help you find candidates with competitor experience
Use Job Duration to filter candidates by average time spent at previous job
Remember to save your top candidates in a folder.
Save a candidate to an existing folder, or create a new folder, to make the candidate easier to reference and track

Learn more about Power Resume Search and semantic search.

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