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Avoiding Career Site Contempt

Avoiding Career Site Contempt

By Jennifer Williamson


Congratulations. You’ve drawn in a prospective candidate and they’ve made it to your career site. They are interested in your company and your potential positions.

But how can you make sure they don’t fall into the classic “career site contempt” that makes them click over to your competitors? How can you make your career site do some of the hard work for you? How do you make sure that the right talent for your organization are the ones moving forward with an application?


Here are a few ways to make your career site sing to the top talent that you’d like to hire.


Show ‘em what you’re made of


One of the most important components of your career site – other than the job postings themselves – is your organization’s branding. Your career site should help to tell this story. Who are you?

Use some of the valuable real estate here to tell that story effectively. Give prospective candidates a taste of what working at your organization would be like. What are the key parts of your culture? Do you value work/life balance – and how can you show that in a clear way? Do you have a volunteer program? What are your organizational goals?

This is your chance as a company to demonstrate to candidates what you expect of your employees and what they should expect, should they work for you. What makes you different than a competitor? Why should a prospective candidate want to work for you?

Effectively showcasing your culture can bring in the right talent that will be a fit for your organization and should set the tone for a positive candidate experience, should they choose to apply.


Visually appealing


Video and images are king. We are living in an extremely visual era. Think videos 30 seconds and shorter, GIFs, and quick-to-skim infographics – this is how we like to absorb our information. As such, career sites need to be refreshed to meet the demands of the evolving workforce and their preferences.

Might seem like a no-brainer, but from time-to-time make sure your video content still loads on the site. As a job-seeker, there’s nothing worse than getting a 404 error after you’ve selected an interesting recruitment video to watch – and this might signal to a prospective candidate that your organization isn’t candidate-focused.

It’s also worth looking into updating recruitment videos every few years to ensure that the content still reflects your company’s values and culture – and that it doesn’t feature numerous employees who might not be with the company any longer.

The photos on your career site are a window into your company. Using common stock photos is something that many candidates can easily spot, especially if they’ve been perusing many career sites. Stick to high-res photos of your actual employees and avoid stock photos, if at all possible.

Overall, keeping content new and updated, and removing old irrelevant information, whether in video or written form, shows candidates that your company cares about the details and about staying current.


Responsive design


According to several studies, a majority of job seekers use their smartphone to aid in their job search. Many of those using mobile devices to search for jobs may also want to use them to apply for jobs, too.

Whether they are using a tablet or a smartphone, you’ll want to make sure your career site is designed responsively – meaning it can convert itself to the optimum viewing layout regardless of the device someone is using.

When on a computer, the site will have greater functionality and more bells and whistles. When on a smartphone, the site will be pared down to the essential elements and be optimized for use on a smaller screen.

Most websites are designed with responsiveness in mind these days, but if you have a legacy website, it would be good to determine what it looks like from a variety of devices and work with your internal web team to make sure you are giving your candidates the best user experience, whether on a computer at home or on their phone at a café.


Modern job postings


Crafting job postings is an art form. You need to be clear and meaningful; you also need to be engaging and effective. And at the end of the day, you don’t want to make your company appear outdated by posting job ads that make candidates not want to work for you.

Make sure that your job postings stay fresh and modern. We may fall into a trap of reuse and recycle for positions that have high-turnover or that we regularly hire for, but it’s important to go back to the drawing board sometimes and refresh the position description and details.

This is another opportunity to sell your company and the team that the individual will be working with. Descriptions that use concrete examples and imagery can give a candidate the best sense of the roles and responsibilities.

And don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with it!

Your career site is a main landing page for those interested in learning more about working at your company. This is your best opportunity to engage the right job seekers.


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