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Recruiting Student Talent in a Wired World

Recruiting Student Talent in a Wired World

While technology has changed drastically in recent years, students are changing too, and each graduating class is more tech-savvy than the last. In fact, you may be hard-pressed to find a student today without a mobile phone, a personal computer and home Internet access.

As student lifestyles continue to change, recruitment strategies must adapt to capture the attention and interest of tomorrow’s top talent. It’s time for recruiters to go beyond traditional methods and embrace high-tech.

Our Top Tech Tips

  • Connect with students where they congregate online by advertising on online job websites, social networking websites, entertainment portals and online college newspapers. Concentrate on times of peak Internet usage, like back-to-school or spring break.
  • Create a database of student e-mail addresses and continuously market your message to them. Keep database members engaged through two-way communication and exciting company news so you stay fresh in their minds.
  • Put search engine marketing to work for you. By including phrases such as “jobs for recent grads” on your online ads and career website, searches will lead students directly to you.
  • Expand your reach by adding a “send to a friend” feature to all your e-mail promotions.
  • Take advantage of mobile marketing. Collect student cell phone numbers and communicate via text messages. Provide informative, helpful tips on employment-related topics to pique their interest.
  • Deliver stimulating online experiences by taking advantage of technologies students like to use. Virtual Q&A sessions, blogs and podcasts are just a few examples.
  • For eye-catching results, use streaming video on your company website. Video guides to the recruiting process, employee testimonials and office tours give your site a real edge.
  • Finally, consider the possibilities of video resumes. For companies that recruit across the country, online video interviews can cut travel time and costs while boosting your wow factor.

It’s a brave, new world out there, and connecting with today’s tech-savvy students may mean going that extra mile. But by delivering a distinct, youthful and informative experience, you might just find that tomorrow’s top talent comes knocking on your door.