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Make A Good Impression On Job Seekers

Put Your Best Facebook Forward

Make A Good Impression On Job Seekers
By Mark Swartz
Monster Contributing Writer

When recruiting, your interviewers put your company's best face forward. Are you also putting your best Facebook forward? You'll have to if you want to attract – and interact with – top candidates.
Job seekers do more than just visit your website to check you out. They're also scouring social media to gather more impressions on you. For potential employees who care about such things, your presence on Facebook matters.
Get Started With A Facebook Fan Page
So far, smaller employers have generally been putting up career-oriented “Fan Pages” on Facebook. Fan Pages are great for extending your employment brand and advertising new positions.
To begin with, simply set up a page for your company. Then post industry and company updates, events, photos, relevant videos and so on. Do so a minimum of every 2-3 days. Once you have a lively presence, you can start to engage job seekers.
Build An Initial Base Of Fans
With your branded presence on Facebook, you can commence to attract fans. People who might at some point want to work for you are inclined to "Like" your fan page. They'll probably mention that they've done so when applying for a job with you, to demonstrate their interest in your company.
Spread the word about your fan pages. Let your existing customers and suppliers know to "Like" your page. Ask them to spread the word to prospects who might be interested in working for your company.
Create a Community

If you want to see your fan numbers jump, build your page around a core idea that people can rally behind — not just your business. “Traditional selling is dead,” says Melinda Emerson, author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. “You have to add value to the conversation, not just push your product.”
Rather than pump out non-stop promotional material about your clothing store, for example, focus on creating a discussion on trends, styles, and other information that would be of interest to your audience.
The more you can become a go-to source for the latest consumer trends, the higher your fan numbers will go. It will also demonstrate to job seekers your commitment to keeping them informed.
Think Twice Before Doing a Profile-to-Page Migration

In Facebook-speak, people have “Profiles” and companies have “Pages.” If you’re like many small business owners, it could be a blurry line. While Facebook does give you an option to merge the two, Cindy Morrison, online strategist and founder of the social media consulting firm SOCIALVENTION, recommends against it.
“A lot of business owners have built up a following on their personal profile, but are now struggling to get friends to ‘like’ their fan page,” says Morrison. Even so, she thinks it's better to start from zero than to convert your existing profile into fan page. “You'll not only lose all of your information and pictures, but all the ‘rights’ that only profiles have.”
If you’re using Facebook to keep up with friends or family and promote your business, the profile-to-page migration isn’t for you.
Have a Recruitment Strategy 

In other words, don’t just post a few job openings randomly as the mood strikes. Know who you're targeting, and what their needs are.
Consider using Monster.ca's Social Recruiting Solution. It helps you get the best exposure for your jobs, while integrating seamlessly with your Facebook pages.
As well, pay attention to the “Insights” link on your Facebook page. It lets you deep-dive into your fan demographics. Are you attracting the right kind of people to your employment pages?
The Facebook Paradox
Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world, with nearly a billion accounts. Yet with so many employers doing social media background checks as part of the hiring process, lots of candidates don’t exactly want to be found, either
That's why you should try to make your fan pages at least a little bit interactive. Respond to posts. And add the Monster BeKnown app, which turns Facebook into a professional network.
Why Bother?


By helping people understand what it’s like to work at your organization, you can build a pipeline of talented people who are excited to come work for your organization… before you’ve even posted a job opening.
That makes it easier (and less expensive) for you to find the best job candidates. Isn't that worth the effort to put your best Facebook forward?