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Incentivizing Your Workforce With Unique Perks.

Incentivizing Your Workforce With Unique Perks.

By Eric McLean


When it comes to recognizing employees' efforts, most workers need a little bit more than a pat on the back or an e-mail from the boss to stay motivated. That’s why many employers choose to implement different incentives to keep their staff engaged and working hard.

Here are some of the newest and most unique ways companies are incentivizing workforces around the world.


Online Learning Centres

Many employers in Canada are offering an array of innovative workshops to help make continuing education a mainstay. These learning centres offer participants a flexible, personal and inexpensive means of becoming a more powerful professional. Workshops in the centres range from mastering Microsoft Office to learning how to market a small business.


On-site concierge

With a goal of respecting life outside of work for their employees, a multinational cleaning company offers on-site concierge services. This is a relatively low-cost employee perk that still goes a long way. This helps workers get their daily errands done while they are at work, including delivering groceries, getting oil changes for cars, mailing packages and other post, picking up prescriptions and even sending flowers.


Desk drinks

In many millennial-geared workplaces, the Thursday afternoon bar cart is a familiar sight.  A variation on a theme, some companies are taking advantage of services that provide offices with the chance to taste and support local wine and beer while rewarding themselves for successfully completing a hardworking week at the office.


Free house cleaning

One technology firm offers a tantalizing job perk with maid service. This means their employees have their houses cleaned twice a month at no extra cost. The free house cleaning is available for all 250 of the organization’s full-time employees.


Benefits for part-time employees

In an effort to reduce employee turnover, certain fast food chains are actually offering perks to their part-time employees. Under its new policy, the company will be extending perks to part-time employees as well, offering them paid vacation days, sick pay as well as student tuition reimbursement.


Creativity Encouraging Box

One computer software development company has developed a kit to help incentivize the creative process of any employee at any organization. It is essentially a mystery box, sealed with a fire alarm sticker that reads “Pull in case of idea.” Once that next big idea does hit an employee and they crack open the box, they'll be greeted with a pen, two sets of Post-it notes, a timer, a mini notebook for bad ideas, a slightly larger spiral notebook for the keepers, a caramel and sea salt chocolate bar, and a $10 gift card to purchase coffee. The box also offers a credit card with $1,000 on it to be used for any additional materials.



Perkopolis is a Canadian platform that enables companies of all sizes to offer meaningful perks to their workers and reminds them when nearby offers are available. On a monthly basis, businesses can subscribe, obtaining access to more than 850 pre-negotiated deals and significant discounts across a wide range of products and services.


Create your own

Incentive programs don’t have to be all-or-nothing. Start small, test-driving programs to see how well your employees respond. If some aren’t being met with enthusiasm, don’t scrap the idea completely. It’s always a good idea to get employee feedback too. And, don’t be afraid to try something new and see how it tracks –you may be rewarded with increased productivity.


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