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How to Increase Your Company’s Web Site Traffic

Solve The Million Dollar Question

How to Increase Your Company’s Web Site Traffic

By Joe Issid
Monster Contributing Writer

This is a million dollar question.  Literally.  

With e-commerce trends increasing exponentially every year (e-commerce sales topped one trillion dollars in 2012 and experts predict that this number will grow by an estimated 20% by the end of 2013), more and more business is being conducted online. If you are not able to reach your target market online, you are moving towards extinction. With that in mind, here are some tactics that can help you start moving in the right direction.

Original Content
The path to internet success is paved with original content. The simple truth is if you are not regularly creating original content on your web site, you are likely not attracting the traffic levels that you desire. Regardless of the industry that a company belongs to, companies need to continue to create original stories about their brand to keep customers interested and engaged. To wit, you will be hard pressed to visit a corporate web site these days and not find a ‘blog’ section or a frequently-updated homepage with ever-changing product descriptions. Dynamic content is the key to attracting – and keeping – customers.
Video Content
According to Moz (formerly SEOMoz), one the most influential online marketing entities, content with embedded video attracts more than 3 times the inbound traffic than text-based content. Additionally, content with three different types of embedded media (video, images and lists) attracts more than 6 times the traffic than text-based content. Yes, producing video content can be more costly but the return for your business can be massive.
Social Media
If you are able to produce compelling original content, people will want to share it. As such, if your web site does not have easy-to-access social sharing buttons, you are dead in the water. Facebook ‘like’ buttons and Google ‘+1’s, for example, are extremely powerful mechanisms that can very rapidly expand your online reach.
Placing these buttons at the end of an article or to prominently feature them alongside your content can increase your readership exponentially. Encouraging readers to share your content is important but giving them the tools to easily do so is essential.
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Clarity and brevity
People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter – especially online. If a potential customer cannot find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds, they will leave your site and find another – better – site. You will notice that the most successful sites on the internet are those that are extremely easy to navigate, provide easy access to their products/services and do not clutter your screen with unnecessary objects. Simply look to the Google homepage for simplicity.
Search Engine Optimisation
The reality is that Google runs internet search today. If you rank highly on Google for a competitive keyword, your web site will benefit from a large and constant stream of traffic. Naturally, getting to the top of this list is extremely coveted, hence competitive. Over the years, people have been able to ‘game’ the system and push unrelated web sites to the top of the search page using so-called blackhat techniques. But, as Google has refined its algorithms, this has become increasingly difficult. Google goes to enormous lengths to ensure that search results are relevant and provide value to the end-user. As such, results are returned based on many factors, including relevance, popularity, influence and clarity. To wit, SEO should not be looked at as an active strategy, per se, but rather the result of a well-balanced web marketing portfolio. If you do everything right, SEO prosperity will come.
Paid discovery
If your company is selling a product or service online, paid discovery can be a very profitable means of driving traffic to your site.
Products such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads allow you to tap into huge existing marketplaces and to advertise your company’s offerings. A proper budget and conversion analysis needs to be performed before any investments should be made, but these platforms can provide a great source of traffic and revenue for your company.
In the end, there is no single method that will ensure high traffic volumes to your web site. Increasing your web traffic is, ultimately, part science and part art form. The most important element to ensure that you are moving in the right direction is to routinely evaluate your progress and to try to duplicate your successes. Interpreting your web analytics is the best way to measure said successes and to intelligently determine where and how to move forward.