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Sell Your Brand to Job Seekers

Why Should A Talented Candidate Want to Work for You?

Sell Your Brand to Job Seekers

By Cheryl Stein
Monster Business Coach

We tend to think that to fill a position we need to do a targeted search. We create a job posting, hire a recruiter and hope that we will be lucky to find someone great. Thankfully, not all positions are filled that way. Sometimes, the right person comes along through different channels. They can be recommended by a friend, they can be sitting next to you on the plane or sometimes, they can be searching on the Internet trying to find the perfect company for their career. Those candidates will search a website, realize that their values are in line with their those of the company that they are investigating and will either cold call, or use their network to contact someone within the organization.  You don’t want to prevent those candidates from leaning about you or from contacting you because sometimes those connections turn into the best hires.

This is especially important if you post a job on a job portal like Monster. Your posting is like an open invitation to be examined by that curious potential candidate. There is no better place for a job seeker to source out companies that they had never thought to approach.
There are two things that are vital for this process to work in your favor. You need to have a website that allows people to learn what it would be like to work for you and you also need to provide information about who you have working for you.
I was doing a little digging on the Zappos.com website.  For those of you that don’t know what Zappos is, they are an online shoe company based in Las Vegas Nevada who did 1 billion dollars in gross sales in 2008. In the Inc magazine article “The Zappos Way of Managing”,  Max Chafkin (May 1,2009) calls Zappos founder Tony Hsieh,  “one of the most innovative internet marketers of all time”. Zappos is known for superior customer service, a loyal following, and a fantastic organizational culture.
I wanted to know what it would be like working there.
There were two things that struck me about their website as I was doing my digging. One, they seem like a really quirky fun company to work  for. In fact there is a link on their home page that is literally called “Don’t Ever Click Here”. I didn’t listen. I clicked and was brought to a youtube video of Jim Henson’s Muppets singing the Rick Astley song “ Never Gonna Give You Up”.  Aside from being hysterical, it teaches you that although this company is huge and successful, it is probably a very fun place to work.
The second thing that I learned, is that you don’t really learn much about who is running the company from their site.  I searched and searched and could not find any information about the corporation from the website. It could be that I wasn’t looking in the right place but if they wanted me to find it, they would have made it easy for me to locate. For the record, I had no trouble finding the Muppets.
This is a choice that a lot of companies make. They keep the behind the scenes information about their executives private. They also keep their contact information guarded more carefully than Fort Knox.  While I understand that people are bombarded with way more emails than they can handle and don’t want to expose themselves to the possibility of being accosted by communication from people there may be some great benefits to letting the world see under the hood of your organization. Sharing who you are may be just the thing that the greatest prospective employees are looking for.
A great job candidate is someone who is going to do their homework and will want to come to work for you because it is the right decision for their career. They want to know what your company culture is like, but they also want to know who they will be working with. Providing prospective job seekers with some brief biographies of who the key people are in the company are is a way of attracting those people who are academic about the decisions that they make.
Zappos makes up for their lack of personnel information by allowing you to see into the window of their business. They let you know what they stand for and encourage people of like mind to apply. They may not need to let you know any more about them because they are divulging so much about themselves from the things that they do share.
Not everyone can be like Zapppos and have themselves featured on the cover of magazines. Many companies do mundane things that don’t get them noticed. These companies need to do a little more P.R. work to be discovered by those great potential people who may be randomly targeting their company as a prospective employee. What these companies can and do is to let the world know a little more about the people that are behind the scenes. This will allow the curious and talented people of the world to discover that your company is the place where they want to be because they are able to identify with the people who work there.

The right candidate isn’t just someone who has the right words on their resume. The right candidate can be someone who shares the same values as your company. Allowing a person to learn more about your organization is a great way to encourage like -minded people to reach out to you.