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Technology And The Holistic Approach to Hiring

Technology And The Holistic Approach to Hiring

By Emily DiCarlo

Home Depot Public Relations Specialist


The ever-expanding digital landscape has dramatically influenced and changed the way businesses attract and recruit prospective candidates. To stay relevant and sought after, companies are focusing on developing their digital tools and bolstering their online presence.



A candidate’s digital presence provides recruiters with a holistic view of their potential candidate and allows them to assess whether a person will fit the position and company culture. Online information also helps identify those that are knowledgeable about technologies and trends relevant to the roles a company is trying to fill.

Despite what some people think, technology has not replaced the traditional resume. Instead, online profiles, expand on a candidate’s individual experiences, skills and aptitudes and highlight the groups and companies they affiliate with. By watching how they participate in their online communities, many recruiters feel this gives them an advantage as digital profiles provide more insight into a candidate than in the past. It is not just recruiters that see this as an advantage. For example, a graphic designer can include a link to their online portfolio or an UX designer can show sample work on a website wireframe through a digital application.

With a reputation for being digitally perceptive, millennial candidates have made the role of social media in recruiting more important than ever. More and more, recruiters are turning to social media platforms to call-out company value propositions and post job openings. Since millennials invest so much trust in their networks, it is a no-brainer for companies to devote resources to building up their online presence in order to tap into trusted networks and play in the space of digital word-of-mouth referrals.

Given this shifting landscape, it’s vitally important to maximize hiring efficiency.  Monster’s Talent-bin offers recruiters the opportunity to engage with targeted potential candidates by supercharging technical recruiting. Forward-thinking companies like The Home Depot Canada are testing online talent communities to reach out with current and future talent. 


Interviewing and Technology

Technology has also been playing a big part in how recruiters conduct their interviews. Video conferencing provides the opportunity for live interaction where location is a factor for the applicant. The Home Depot Canada is an example of a company who uses virtual interviewing solutions, such as Green Job Interview, which enables recruiters to email pre-set questions to their candidates, who then reply with their answers via video. The company’s hiring manager then reviews and assesses the video submissions for fit of the posted role.



Technology has also made a big impact when it comes to employee onboarding. By taking a 360-approach, companies can leverage online training resumes hosted on internal websites, virtual interactive learning modules with live instructors, and informational, online product videos.  Technology grants companies the capacity to streamline their training, helping prepare new employees for their hired position faster.


Standing Out

To better understand a business’s reputation, scanning the web for brand mentions gives recruiters insight into how their company and employees are perceived. Websites like “Glassdoor” provide reviews and understanding into what candidates are saying about brands and their first-hand interview experiences. If applied strategically, this valuable information can help improve a hiring process and optimize future candidate experiences. There are so many ways for companies to differentiate themselves as an employer of choice online, however the top challenge will always be staying ahead of technological advancements and ensuring that job-seekers can find postings with fewer clicks.