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Use Video Cheaply In Small Business Recruiting

Show job seekers glimpses into your workplace, inexpensively, with new video apps and livestreaming services.

Use Video Cheaply In Small Business Recruiting

By Mark Swartz


Video is transforming the web. Search engines love audio-visuals. Job seekers flock to them. Leverage this for recruiting with only a smartphone and a bunch of apps.

Choose from ephemeral, persistent or live streaming video. See how all of these might fit into your employer branding.


Cheap And Cheerful Employer Video

When employers first used video for social media recruitment, they were slick productions. Creating content was expensive. Videographers and high-end cameras were the rule.


Candidates quickly tired of superficial gloss. Many now prefer authentic, here-and-now peeks inside an employer. They want to view employees in action and events in real-time. Glimpses like these can be caught – in acceptable quality – with a smartphone’s video capture.


Videos of 10 Seconds Or Less

Who’s interested in super short clips online? Hundreds of millions of people, actually. Especially millennials. Employers that target younger applicants are flocking to Snapchat and Vine.



This is the leading “ephemeral” network for sending photos and videos. Videos disappear from a viewer’s device shortly after being watched. The service has 100 million daily users — including an incredible 77 per cent of post-secondary students.


10 seconds is the maximum length. That’s not outrageously short. There’s room for quick updates on the day of an employee. Or news about your most recent job opening. Snapchat can accommodate a series of clips that develop your story.



Once known exclusively for its six second clips, this Twitter-owned app allows videos up to 140 seconds. The change gives employment branding an interesting twist.


The shorter clips are still there. They can be used to grab attention like a movie trailer does. Then the viewer can be directed to a more in-depth version. That’s where meatier chunks of insight go.


Videos Longer than 10 Seconds

Some things need more than a screen-flicker to be said. For instance, interviews with selected employees. Updates about your latest product or service features. Testimonials from suppliers and customers.



This online mobile photo and video-sharing social networking service is owned by mighty Facebook. It has 300 million active daily users. More than a third of these have viewed a video there.


Between three and 60 seconds is the allowable video length. These clips will appear on your company’s profile and in the site’s Feed. You can also share from Instagram to a Facebook Page you manage. Of course, the latter offers its own options for direct uploading and display.



The grandmommy of video, this site has been around since 2005. Today it belongs to Google. That can help your search rankings.


By default you may upload videos up to 15 minutes long. Verify your account and the maximum upload size is 128GB (that’s hundreds of hours worth!). The real beauty for employers is in creating a content channel. All your company clips and lengthier movies are in one custom-branded place.



Nothing beats real-time video streaming for immediacy. Give your viewers access to career fairs and company events as they happen.


Periscope and Meerkat

Broadcasting apps are gaining in popularity. Periscope is owned by Twitter. Meerkat is a rival. The former can be linked to AppleTV so that it plays on television screens.


Facebook Live

Not to be outdone, Facebook has introduced its own live-streaming service. Your followers can receive notice when you go live. Pages may share the broadcasts with their followers and friends on the site.


Keeping It Strategic

The lure of quick and dirty recruiting videos is compelling. They’re fast and cheap. They reflect reality. Anyone can make them.

But they should be guided by your social media marketing plan. If not they can damage the company’s hiring brand. You’d be hearing about that in a spike of comments and dislikes.