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HR Resolutions for a New Decade

HR Resolutions for a New Decade

By Mark Swartz
Canadian Workplace Specialist

The beginning of each New Year brings with it the promise of starting afresh. Thus you might find yourself experiencing an urge to set goals that will help create a “better” you over the next 12 months.

Employers do likewise. They revisit their strategic plans. Set revised objectives. And resolve to achieve enhanced results when compared to the previous year.

Employer Resolutions

For 2010, wouldn’t it be great if employers made resolutions that fit reality, instead of rehashing the standard ones such as striving to “improve profits” or “decrease employee turnover?” Here are some I’d personally like to see:

We Will No Longer Work Our Employees Till They Drop From Exhaustion
What ever happened to the quaint notion of worklife balance? It was all the rage during the 1990’s, yet today we’re actually putting in more hours on the job than we did back then. With the economy picking up again it’s time to reward staff with better balance.

We Will Increase Compensation To Exceed The Inflation Rate
A recent study by one of Canada’s big banks shows that over the past two decades, salary increases have barely kept pace with the annual inflation rate. How about we put a few extra dollars in the pockets of employees to show them how much we value them.

We Will Not Self-Destruct In A Humiliating, Very Public Manner
Hello, Nortel? What happened to you! This once mighty company had, at its peak, more than 30,000 employees. But in 2009 it declared bankruptcy and put a whole lot of people out of work right at the height of our economic slowdown. Ouch.

We Will No Longer Produce Products That People Don’t Want To Buy
It’s hard to believe that General Motors (GM) also had to go through a bankruptcy restructuring in 2009, in large part because buyers were turning elsewhere for automobiles that better met their needs. Looks like they’re learning their lesson, as they’ve vowed to pay back the government “bail out” loans by mid 2010.

We Will Save The World And Make Our Planet Greener, While Turning A Profit
The coming year holds a good deal of promise in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. More and more employers are doing things that improve society, like giving employees paid days off to do volunteering, using energy more efficiently, instituting company-wide recycling programs, engaging in fair trade and ethical purchasing, and hiring employees to specifically look after the employer’s growing efforts in these areas. Keep it coming!

We Will Hire People As Full-Timers Rather Than As Contractors
Employers have turned increasingly to hiring people as contractors, rather than as true employees. It saves the employer from having to offer full benefits and severance pay. But it makes the worker’s life more precarious and forces them to pay 100% for things like life insurance, health care, and dental expenses. Not nice.

Sticking To The Better Business Resolutions

It takes willpower to enforce your own personal resolutions for the New Year. The carrot that you dangle in front of you is the promise of improving your life in some significant ways: to become healthier, happier, more attractive, and wealthier.

For employers the actual goals might differ somewhat (not sure how many employers aim to become more attractive, for instance). However it still requires willpower and an action plan to fulfill the resolutions. Here’s hoping that you can help your employer to make, and carry out, resolutions that are good for people, planet and profitability.