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Using Social Media For Employer Branding – ZoomInfo Basics

Did You Know Your Company Is Being Tracked?

Using Social Media For Employer Branding – ZoomInfo Basics
Would you leave the branding of your company online to a bunch of nameless robots? If you did, you might expect the results to be rather random, maybe even unflattering.
That’s exactly what you’re doing, though, if you haven’t checked out ZoomInfo.com It’s a site that gathers information about employers (and people) automatically from the Web. Then it creates a profile that everyone else online can access.
What Exactly Is ZoomInfo?
If you’ve ever used a Dun and Bradstreet or Scotts business directory, then you know the principle behind ZoomInfo. It bills itself as “the leading B2B (Business to Business) directory and business information provider that offers real-time, in-depth profiles of 5 million businesses and 50 million employees,” along with “the market’s most powerful tools for searching and targeting.”
ZoomInfo not only competes with traditional business directories, but as well with Facebook, BeKnown and LinkedIn. All three contain detailed information about employers that a job seeker can access for free.
How It Works
Unlike other social media sites where you must go in and set up a profile page for your company, the cyber-robots of ZoomInfo crawl the business Web. They gather existing data, create profiles of businesses and their employees, and update this continually.
Info is gathered from the same publicly available web sources that are scanned by other major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Users of ZoomInfo also contribute updates ongoingly.
Who Looks At Company Profiles On ZoomInfo?
The bulk of ZoomInfo users are other employers and organizations. That’s where their B2B focus comes in.
However job seekers are discovering the convenience of this free database. They come here to find potential employers based on selected criteria. Searches can be conducted quickly using the following factors:
·         Company Name
·         Industry Keywords / SIC Codes
·         City / Province / Postal Code
·         Sector (Public, Private, Government, Education, Non-Profit)
·         Ranking In Fortune 500 Or Related Category, If Applicable
·         Annual Revenues
·         Number Of Employees
Reviewing Your Company’s Profile
Head over to ZoomInfo.com and use their search engine to see if your company is already listed.
If it is, you’ll see a “Results” page. The info about your company there is very brief. Included are the company name, URL, location, annual revenues estimate and estimated number of employees. Accompanying this is a short description of your organization.
Hover your mouse over the link that shows your company’s name. A pop-up box will appear with some additional info. Plus there’ll be one of your logos plucked from the Web. Click on that link and it will take you to a page with more details of your company (like which industry category you’re in, and Related Companies naming your key competitors).
An important section is called “People.” Found here are positions at your company by job function. Note that your employee’s names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are not visible to just anyone. But all it takes is a free Community Edition account of ZoomInfo for people to have access to this critical data.

Changing Profile Info or Adding A New One
Is some data in your company’s ZoomInfo profile inaccurate or out-of-date? Then visit their “Contact Us” page. In the drop-down menu, choose “Profile in my company’s name is inaccurate or out-of-date.” Include your ZoomInfo profile’s web address and describe the errors. Be sure to include where on the internet the correct information can be found. Your business profile will be updated within a few days.
Use the “Contact Us” page as well if your company isn’t listed yet. Let ZoomInfo know the name of your organization. Provide links to its homepage and other URL’s you’d like to see featured.

Having an accurate presence for your business on ZoomInfo is another way to manage your Employer Brand. Don’t leave it to web crawling robots to determine how the public sees you