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Streamlining Global Hiring


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Streamlining Global Hiring

Hiring globally can be a daunting task. Expanding economies worldwide, including explosive growth in China and India, record low unemployment and a looming demographic crisis are causing more organizations to look past their borders for talent.

This webinar:

  • Examines what organizations are doing to gain advantage in global sourcing of talent.
  • Discusses the global virtual workforce and offshoring, which was once driven by cost reduction alone but is today fuelled equally by the quest for talent.
  • Reviews the reasons relocation of foreign talent to the US is giving way to the establishment of "captive" operations overseas.

View the Streamling Global Hiring presentation or watch the webinar recording courtesy of Monster Intelligence.  

Monster thanks our presenter Allan Schweyer.

Allan Schweyer
Executive Director & President
Human Capital Institute

Allan Schweyer is President and Executive Director of the Human Capital Institute, editor of Leadership Excellence: The Journal of Human Capital Management and author of Talent Management Systems (Wiley&Sons, 2004). He is an internationally renowned analyst and speaker on the topic of transformational human capital management for individuals, organizations, regions and nations. His articles and white papers appear in dozens of popular media and industry specific publications worldwide.