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9 Tips To Up Productivity Via Calmer Workplaces

9 Tips To Up Productivity Via Calmer Workplaces

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but some tranquillity might beat the constant hustle and bustle.

Seeing the office buzz like a hive of killer bees warms management’s hearts. The more bustle, the more output. Assuming, mind you, said hubbub ain’t just a swarm of disorganized frantic.

If it’s productivity you want, maybe calm things down a hint. Rushed deadlines and forced face-time do not an on fleek staff maketh. Well, for a while yeah, then it’s burnout (and turnover) city.

To halt hysteria, put in place some of the 9 tips we offer for a less wild workplace.

Enforce Civility And Respect
Want less drama? Compel people to be nicer. Out with rudeness, yelling and public shaming. In with respect and civility. Watch drama drop considerably, even if grudges fester in guts like last night’s extra taco and beers. At least it’s not spilling out in public confrontations.

Banish Compulsory Communal Workspaces
Shocker: people aren’t lab rats. Could be you get all tingly having your every move, all day, watched by others. (Yo, exhibitionist much?) Bring back cubicles, offices, and private meeting spaces. Leave some free communal areas.

Encourage Flex-Work
Sure, always having all hands on deck can be useful. More chances to interact or catch red-handed the bastard who's been back-stabbing you. But it makes for crowded premises. And restricts workers who need customized scheduling. Flexible work arrangements accommodate some keepers who might otherwise flee. Could lower real estate costs too.

Create A Quiet Room 
Small stressors can mount into volcanoes. Some time-out’s a pressure valve. A designated quiet room is where employees can turn off briefly. Put phones on silent. Soft lighting. Eat, pray, love, be mindful. Then back to the tumult a bit more refreshed.

Declutter The Workplace
Office resemble a disaster zone? Or is it plastered with pictures sporting those damned motivational quotes? Clean up and redecorate. Soothing décors don’t have to be pricey. Hell, even prisons found that painting walls pink subdues the incarcerated.

Teach Organizing Skills
Poor planning leads to convulsive reactions. Assign firefighting to smoke jumpers. Get everyone trained on priority management and basic project planning. Toss in problem-solving. Reduces angst and ramps up efficiency.

Promote Cooperation
Antagonism rules in many workplaces. Lips wag about the splendours of collaboration. Yet in performance reviews, cooperation – and being voluntarily helpful – are mere blips. Want to moderate the gladiator mindset? Change rewards and systems to inspire group efforts. 

Give Time Off Based On Needs
Strict holiday schedules, especially minimalist ones, cause v frayed nerves. In a wired workplace people may be scared to vacay. Show them the door more. Shut down during breaks when possible. Try out unlimited vacations. Rest your weary staff. 

Encourage Early Problem Reporting
Gotta love needless crises. Boy, it livens up the place. Only it’s wasted energy. Offer a chance to speak up pre-Titanic. Instead of scolding or ignoring, let informers apply those problem-solving skills and propose solutions. Less mess, lots of faces saved.