How to screen candidates

Learn how to screen candidates, including how to conduct a phone screen, reference-checking tips, and tricks for sorting applications.

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The Value of Peer-to- Peer Interviewing for Hiring and Retention
What are the benefits of the peer-to-peer interview, and how do you conduct one? Check out these best practices.
How to use video interviews to screen candidates
Just when you had mastered face-to-face job interviews, along came COVID-19. Almost overnight the virus changed basic hiring procedures.As a result, remote interviewing is the new norm. Fortunately, vetting potential staff via phone, email and video had already been on the rise, particularly in the initial screening process.Now that via video conferencing and video calls are more prevalent, you might not even need to meet an applicant in-person for lower-level positions. As for more senior roles, you could defer face-to-face sessions until after initial video scrutiny. This trend is one that may extend far beyond the coronavirus pandemic, which makes mastering the video interview process essential.
6 Psychological Biases That Trip Up Interviewers
While some are harmless stereotypes other biases can render your impressions invalid. Being aware of them can help your hiring acumen.
1 Good Reason to Credit Check Applicants – And 5 Not To!
With so much information in background searches, must you pry into someone’s finances?
Do You Really Care About A Candidate’s Grades?
Finding the right balance between smart and educated
Avoid Wrongful Hiring
Making promises or exaggerations that prove false could be misrepresentation. Protect yourself from “wrongful hiring” lawsuits by watching what you (or your recruiters) say to prospects.

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Create Questionnaires and Use Filters to Find the Candidate

Maximize your chances of finding the right person and reduce the amount of work that you have to do to get them.

Is Your Company Website’s Homepage Jobseeker-friendly

When potential applicants visit your site, they are looking for two distinct links: About Us, and Jobs. When they click on About Us, they want to see the following elements.

Sex, Lies and Video Interviews

Picture the joys of trying to detect phonies and liars when they’re 1000 kilometres away, in front of you solely as a projected image on your video monitor…

Employment Law: Reference Checking in Canada

There is no legal impediment to asking prospective candidates to provide the names of referees and permission to contact them…

Common Reference Check Pitfalls

Given the state of the world, it is more important than ever to carefully check the references of all candidates for employment.

Create a Better Hiring Standard

Many incidents are caused by uninformed and negligent hiring, most of which could be avoided if companies just adopt a few common sense practices.

Hiring Right!

Do not expect that you will never have to guide and train this employee but satisfy yourself that she/he has the basic potential or “key ingredients” that are compatible with you.

Understanding International Credentials

When the Canadian equivalency of international education is not understood, this creates confusion for the employer and diminishes the candidate’s chance of getting a job in their respective field.

The Value of Peer-to- Peer Interviewing for Hiring and Retention

What are the benefits of the peer-to-peer interview, and how do you conduct one? Check out these best practices.

Keep the Interview Legal

Fair hiring laws give every candidate a fair shake in the interview and selection process. Learn to conduct a legal interview.

The One-Question Interview

Do you struggle with interviews? Consider this fallback – focus on one question and fine tune the answer.

Technical Recruiting

Can you distinguish between candidates who really have the expertise you need and those who are simply good at slinging technical jargon?