Employee retention strategies

Topics include: staff retention, employee turnover, employee motivation and more.

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Why Investing in Soft Skills Can Pay Big!
By cultivating soft skills in your employees, you’re ensuring their continued relevance and your company’s continued success.
Conduct Stay Interviews For Fewer Exit Interviews
If retaining valued employees is important to you, ask your people directly what they need to become even more engaged.
7 Ways Employers Can Show Loyalty Too
Displaying commitment to your staff inspires them to be dedicated as well and reduces unwanted turnover.
How to Integrate a New Team Member to Your Group
Improve how you integrate new members to the team. Here are some of the things that have worked for me over the years.
What Demotivates the Modern Employee?
Are we ever close to finding the answer of what demotivates employees from performing their job?
The Importance of Showing Appreciation to Employees Who Aren’t Star Performers
Companies shouldn’t forget about the employees who might not be considered ‘stars’.

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How To Negotiate With An Employee Who Has A Better Offer

“I’ve received a job offer from our biggest competitor,” your trusted IT Manager tells you. “It’s higher a more flexible schedule.” You hesitate. “I’d really rather stay here though,” they add, “if you can match their offer.” Can you?

Mentors are Key to Success and Retention

Mentoring programs are inexpensive and easy to implement and benefit everyone – older executives, their younger successors, and the organizational bottom line!

Transitional Retirement -a Win-Win Situation for Everyone

What Boomers really want – a transition from highly structured work lives into the new “retirement” of working on their own terms.

Retaining Company Knowledge from The Babyboomer Workforce

Look at your company’s senior leadership team. How old are they? They’re all likely in their 50s and early 60s, so many organizations are posed to experience the loss of their entire leadership teams in the next few years!

Preventing the Loss of High Performers at Work

Despite the high level of productivity, loyalty, and possibility, these people are running for the hills all because they have either been placed in the wrong role, or have been placed under the wrong person. This is a costly error.

Corporate Social Responsibility Promotes Employee Engagement

There’s a debate raging over whether corporate citizenship helps make your employees more loyal and productive. Is your company socially responsible?

Downsizing Your Staff Diplomatically

The way you treat terminated staff can have a substantial impact on morale and productivity at work. If You Have To Let People Go, Do So With Dignity.

Focus on Retention to Save Time and Money in the Long Run

Learn about retention programs aimed at IT workers.

Company Benefits for Employee Retention

82% of employees reported their employer is doing nothing to keep them and 88% of workers value corporate wellness programs, even though only 20% of them have access to such services.

10 Demandments: Accommodating the Demanding Candidate

Follow this framework to build and sustain relationships with talented potential candidates and employees.

What You Can Learn from Loyalists

“Loyalist” employees take pride in their company and work. Learn to recognize and cultivate a loyalist workforce.

Why Do Good Employees Leave?

How do you keep good employees from leaving? More often than not, it comes down to them having a good relationship with their boss.