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Why Twitter is No Longer the Wild, Wild West of Recruitment

Why Twitter is No Longer the Wild, Wild West of Recruitment

By Joe Budzienski, Vice President of Product, Monster

Recruiting and social media are no longer two halves of one whole. In today's world, your talent-acquisition and marketing teams need a cohesive strategy for your talent brand, because social media and recruiting are now thoroughly intertwined.

This concept isn't new, but it is more important than ever. And it isn't meant to stress you out. Luckily, recruitment is riding a wave of tech evolution that's changing the scale and ease with which job seekers and recruiters can reach each other. Companies looking to hire have benefited enormously as technology has allowed recruiters to reach and connect with more talent than ever before, wherever they are.

And it all begins with developing an audience. After all, a  recruiter or hiring manager shouldn't spend valuable hours blasting messages into a void.

But where will that audience come from? Generating a following takes time, patience and resources.

Or does it?

Your Talent Brand and the Appropriate Audience

The best candidates come through your company, employee and social networks. In fact, 59 percent of candidates come through social networks, according to the Jobvite 2014 Social Recruiting Survey.

And social media is obviously highly regarded in recruiting. For example, the same survey found that 93 percent of recruiters review a candidate's social profile before making a hiring decision, and 73 percent of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media.

Let's take a look at Twitter. As one of the largest social platforms, Twitter is awash with terrific candidates. The stats speak for themselves.

  • Twitter has 288 million monthly active users, according to the company's most recent earnings.
  • There are 500 million tweets sent every day, according to Twitter.
  • Monster data finds that, on average, more than 60,000 jobs are tweeted out each day.
  • There were 35 million mentions of job-search-related keywords on the platform last year, according to Twitter.

We also know 80 percent of users access Twitter on mobile, which means they're constantly connected to their feeds and engagement with the platform is easier. And let's not forget the platform brings with it a diverse audience of millennials, business leaders and influencers. Essentially, Twitter provides you with your networking, recruiting and discovery platform all in one.

Reaching Out, But Mostly Connecting

Don't forget, you're not just using tools because they're there for you to use. You're using them with a purpose. You're relaying the message to people: This is what it's like to work at my company, and here's why you'd want to take part.

Based on the recruiting stats listed here, it's highly likely your team has dabbled with Twitter. What probably started out as a practice in media consumption — following important industry leaders, reviewing an endless array of tweets — evolved into actual messaging. Maybe your team members have blasted out job listings on their personal handles. Maybe even on your company's handle. And hopefully they received a handful of qualified leads.

So, simply using the platform is a great place to start. But here's how to get the most out of Twitter:


  • Target your efforts — who do you want to capture?
  • Customize your content — make it your brand, just on Twitter.
  • Optimize the timing of your posts — figure out when your audience is active.
  • Sprinkle content among your job posts — don't just blast out messages!
  • Stay engaged — don't give up.


Reeling 'Em In

Here at Monster, our mission has never been clearer: We connect the world's jobs and people. Everywhere. Wherever the jobs are, we are. Wherever the people are, we are.

And we want to do this by building the best tools and technology possible. You can add real power to your already robust use of Twitter with a variety of our products — such as Monster Social Job Ads, TalentBin by Monster and Monster Twitter Cards, to name a few — that can push you beyond the limits of the audience you're already cultivating.

Who wouldn't want to reduce time-to-hire by 34 percent? Why wouldn't you want to attract 44 percent more high-quality candidates? And — most importantly — who would not want to lower the cost of sourcing by 43 percent?

This all happens when you have a strong talent brand. And, I'll reiterate because it bears repeating: That brand campaign now must encompass social media.

You've heard numerous times that recruiters are marketers. And it's true, but in today's world everyone from the small-business owner to the big-business leader is his or her own marketing machine, fighting for a piece of the action.

With a few simple steps, the right tools and just a bit of dedication, your talent brand will begin to speak for itself.