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Woman in a hybrid workforce working from her home office
How to Manage a Hybrid Workforce
Managing a hybrid workforce comes with some unique challenges. Here's how you can set up your in-person and remote employees for success.
Remote vs. in-person: what’s right for your company?
For companies trying to decide between remote vs. in-person work, here are some things to consider in a post-COVID-19 world.
Ghosted candidates are bad for your business
Helping employees cope with work-related anxiety
Recent Monster survey data shows that job-related anxiety is a leading cause of stress among workers. Find out how you can help - for the good of your team and company.
Getting employees to unplug from work after hours
Getting employees to unplug from work after hours can be tough in the world of COVID-19 - but it's good for them, and for the company.
Do employers have a say in their employees’ side gigs?
More than a million Canadians are at it. Holding down multiple jobs, that is. Nearly 6% of our workforce is doubly employed, the highest number since records began forty years ago.
Why Every Company Needs a Workplace Social Media Policy
A social media policy can help clarify the lines between “personal” and “professional” for today’s socially-connected workers.

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Creating an Employee Handbook for Small Business

No legislation exists in Canada for organizations to have an employee handbook. But it’s in every company’s interest to have one.

Winning With Workplace Democracy

The intent of workplace democracy is to create a more inviting, productive work environment. It takes a commitment from the top downward. Is it right for your small business?

Why your entire staff should be involved in social media

There is immense value in having a well-planned social strategy. However, the most active social companies are not necessarily reliant on a specific person or team of social experts.

Online Criticism

With the explosion of the internet – and social media, in particular – companies have had no choice but to embrace the increased visibility and to use it constructively.

How A Workplace Bully Can Harm Your Staff!

Just like back in the schoolyard, a workplace bully can terrorize the people around them.

How to Conduct Harassment or Discrimination Investigation

As soon as you are aware of an allegation of harassment or discrimination, your duty to investigate is triggered.

The Value of Volunteer Initiatives at Work

What makes your company look good and your employees feel better, while your customers and community sing your praises? Just ask Oracle, Bell and The Royal Bank. Intuit Canada too.

Substance Abuse and Accommodation

Human rights legislation protects individuals on the grounds of disability which is defined to include those who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency.

Use Company Culture to Attract Candidates

Sourcing candidates based on culture involves looking for candidate pools that share your company’s values and cultural norm.

Employee Contract: Can you make changes?

Here are examples of actions that have resulted in successful constructive dismissal claims.

Company Wellness Program Ideas

Here are some ideas for establishing worker wellness through nutrition, exercise, and workplace culture.

Bring Bickering Employees Together

While workplace conflicts are often inevitable, management can take the lead by getting everyone involved on a path to resolution.