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Topics include: workforce planning, talent engagement, succession planning and more.

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Three employees meeting together at a desk.
Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada: 5 Steps
If you're hiring foreign workers in Canada, you will need to follow these practical and legal steps to make sure it's done successfully.
Employee using workplace automation to direct a machine at work
Workplace Automation vs. Hiring: Factors to Consider
There are a number of factors to consider when to hire and when to utilize workplace automation. This primer will help guide you through the process.
Make the Mental Health of Employees Central to Your Recruitment Strategy
The wellness and mental health of employees is not only important to candidates, but adding it to your recruitment strategy can help you attract top talent.
Remote onboarding: Best practices to welcome new hires virtually
Virtual onboarding with email and video conferencing is challenging. Here's how companies are welcoming new hires without physically welcoming new hires. 
Can you prevent downsizing by accessing government funding?
Having to lay off workers is one of the most agonizing decisions a business owner or manager can make. When revenues plunge suddenly, e.g. as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, that choice is even more excrutiating. Staying afloat may take precedence over keeping staff aboard.
How HR Leaders Can Retain Those On The Brink of Retirement
So what can businesses – of any size – do to persuade that departing senior talent to stay around, at least for a while. How do they hang on irreplaceable knowledge and know how?

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Should You Hire An Inter-Provincial Employee?

Are there any specific obligations or dispensations that need to be taken into consideration when looking to hire someone who resides in a different province? Or what happens if a member of your team has decided to move to a new province but still intends to commute into work every day?

Is Online Shopping Hurting Your Retail Company?

Brands can ride the wave & succeed. Here are some ways that retailers and companies in general can evolve and meet consumers’ needs.

8 Interesting Facts about Canadian Small Businesses

How concerning how many small businesses exist in Canada, how many people work for such businesses, how many jobs are created and how innovative they are? Learn about it:

Protecting Your Brand With A Trademark

Your brand and company name are crucial assets. Every dollar you spend to promote them helps you stand out from the crowd. But can you legally protect them? Here is how:

Can Online Contests Benefit Your Business?

What benefits does the organizing company reap for giving away free stuff? And can the success (and failures) of contests be measured in a useful way?

7 Straightforward Steps To Succession Planning

Maybe you’re properly staffed for today’s landscape. But what about for tomorrow’s changed environment? To adapt you need to think ahead in terms of having the right employee mix – and a ready reserve of leadership candidates. Here is how to do it!

The Power of Predictive Analytics in Staffing

Predictice analytics is not only affecting the way organizations manage their customers, it is changing the way they look, find and retain top talent.

Should You Use Career Transition Services When You Downsize?

Career transition services create softer landings for those you have to let go. But are they right for you company?

Return of Older Workers to the Workforce

Statistics Canada reveals that since the economic recovery began in mid-2009, individuals aged 60 years and older have accounted for about one-third of new job gains!

Workforce Planning: Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore It

We only have to look to the past to see how poor workforce planning has resulted in the critical shortage of senior level skills today.

The Benefits Of Bringing In Temp Workers

Why you should consider adding just-in-time assistance during busy periods.

How to Attract and Retain the Generation Y Workforce

In an interview with Gen Y expert Kate Markowsky, a Gen Y-er herself, get the info you need need to know to work well and understand this very influential generation of workers.

Ageism in the Workplace

It’s rarely blatant – that’s illegal – but many employers send subtle but clear messages to older workers that they’re not wanted.

Should I Update The Job Title?

Is there a revolution going on in labour lexicon? Do you have to start re-naming every job with pizzazz simply to attract good candidates?

Firing an Employee When They Have Cancer

In an era of social media exposure and expensive lawsuits by former employees, your response as an employer to cancer diagnoses can affect more than just the motivation of your employees.

How Much Does Onboarding New Employees Cost?

Think of all the wasted time and money spent in the recruiting process if your new hire jumps ship early on. Keep these tips in mind when bringing in a new hire.