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Finding the right fit is a simple, intuitive process with Monster+ Resume Search. The following training topics and FAQs will show you how to search Monster’s growing resume database and get the most out of it.



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Resume Search FAQs

Yes, you can block resumes in two ways. You can select the resume (or resumes) as part of a search results listing and choose Block Resume from the Action drop-down menu. Alternately, you can click the Block Resume link when viewing an individual resume. When you block a resume it will be noted as blocked in search results and will be omitted from Saved Search results.

If I block a resume, will that resume be deleted?

No. The resume will still remain in our resume database. If a blocked resume is found in your future resume searches, it will be noted with a blocked icon to save you from selecting and viewing the resume again. Also, blocked resumes are not included in your Saved Search email results.

Can I un-block a resume?

Yes. If a blocked resume is returned in your search results, you can click the Un-block link to change the resume’s status.

How many resumes can I block?

You can block up to 1,000 resumes. This is a rolling cap. When resume 1,001 is blocked, the first resume will be automatically un-blocked.

Yes! You can save your search and receive an email notification when new candidate matches are found. It’s easy! On the left side of your search results page, click “Save search” under your criteria and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your set up.

As many as you want! You can even save some of your searches for easy access in the future. Keep in mind that you can save up to 10 searches with Classic Resume Search. You can view and manage your saved searches from the top of the page via the My Candidates menu.

Yes! At the top of your results page, you will see a “Sort By” dropdown menu. Select “Resume Updated” in Descending order and click “Go” to refresh your results with the most current resumes at the top of the page. Just remember that candidates who haven’t updated their resumes recently may still be open to your opportunity.