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Power Resume Search gives you the results you need to make more informed, objective hiring decisions. Provide us with your candidate requirements, including skills needed, location, and experience, and we’ll do the rest. Monster’s advanced technology understands search context, concepts and terminology, and finds all variations of your requirements.


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Power Resume Search Webinar (30 mins)
Learn how to match qualified candidates to your open jobs with this powerful tool. We’ll show you how you can search for “real life” qualities such as skills, experience, education, tenure in positions, willingness to travel and more, all with unprecedented accuracy.
Power Resume Search Best Practices (3 mins)
See how you can get the most out of each Power Resume Search.
Search Fields in Power Resume Search (3 mins)
We’ll walk you through a few important search fields that can help you zero in on the perfect candidate.
Saved Searches (2 mins)
A great time saver for any busy recruiter! Save your searches to come back to later and get email updates as new candidate matches roll in.
Resume Actions (3 mins)
Save time and stay organized with the help of Resume Actions within Power Resume Search.
Power Resume Search & Boolean Search Strings (5 mins)
One amazing candidate database, two fantastic search tools.


Yes, you can! Power Resume Search has two versatile search options. You can use our Semantic Search which intuitively searches for related terms and concepts, or you can switch to Classic Search to run a search using Boolean keywords. Either way, you can expect to find the best candidates for the job. For more information about Boolean Logic, check out our article.

Yes! You can save your search and receive an email notification when new candidate matches are found. It’s easy! On the left side of your search results page, click “Save search” under your criteria and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your set up.

You can enter up to 20 but we recommend entering 3-5 for best results. Make sure to enter only one skill in each field and if you want to include more, click “Add another skill or keyword.” You can also define whether you want each skill to be “Required” or “Nice to Have.” If a skill is marked as “Required,” any candidates who do not have that skill will be eliminated from the search results. A “Nice to Have” skill will never limit your results, but it will prioritize candidates with that skill within your results list.

Yes, just leave the location field blank to search the entire country. This is a wonderful strategy to really extend you candidate pool for remote positions.

In the search results page, click “Modify search” to go back to all your search criteria. You can easily narrow down your candidate list by specifying more criteria and entering the most important keywords for your search. You can also adjust your location by narrowing your radius to really zero in on the right candidates closest to you. Read our article on Boolean Logic to learn how to create a complex search string where you can broaden, narrow down and exclude at the same time.

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